Vorax Suspends Director After Anti Democratic Comment

Vorax co-owner Aristóteles “Toti” de Azevedo was suspended from his duties in the esports organization Wednesday after a comment on Twitter expressing anti-democratic views. 

The message that caused Azevedo’s suspension was a reply to a tweet by Vorax CEO Marina Leite, in which she expressed her disavowal of the military coup that happened in Brazil on March 31, 1964, throwing Brazil into a 21-year dictatorship. Azevedo, on the contrary, wrote:

“I never thought that I would stop and analyze the possible benefits of the army taking power again in Brazil… Today I’m thinking about it. Shutting down Globo [the biggest communications group in Brazil], taking out the STF [Federal Supreme Court], pulling out political bandits from the congress, a school with rules for the people, exile PT [political party in Brazil]!”

The message caused an immediate backlash across the local esports community on Twitter, especially as Brazil is facing a deep political crisis due to the authoritarian tendencies of the current president Jair Bolsonaro, who likes to praise the 1964 coup even though it is a crime in the country to do so.

Moments after his comments, Vorax released an official statement saying that Azevedo no longer has authority on decisions made by the organization:

“We inform that Vorax’s board of directors, after an extraordinary meeting due to the comment published by Mr. Aristóteles de Azevedo, chose to remove him from the position of Director, and he no longer has any decision-making power over the management of the team. His opinions do not reflect the position of the organization, which has a diverse team and believes in the values of inclusion, representativeness, and democracy,” said Vorax, finishing with a hashtag saying “dictatorship never again”.

Also on Twitter, Azevedo wrote that he misspoke, and he does not even agree with what he published: “I am terrible to write on Twitter and it generates misinterpretation. Sorry, I made a mistake,” he said.

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