VP.P players pay half the transfer fees for the acquisition of Illias

Yesterday VP.Prodigy confirmed that Danil “gpk” Skutin would
be joining the roster and today, the team have now announced their fifth and
final player as Illias “illias” Ganeev.

Having announced their fourth player just yesterday,
VP.Prodigy have now confirmed their final member and full roster moving forward
as Illias “illias” Ganeev joins the squad. Previously, up until being moved to
inactive with the entire roster, illias was a member of the Natus Vincere
squad. However, when the team decided to drop their roster and sign the FlyToMoon
squad, the player was left to ponder his future. According to a report from
Virtus.pro, the players of the VP.P roster were able to cover half the costs of
illias’ transfer from Na’Via as he completes the full VP.P roster.

Segey Glamazda, CEO of the VP organisation had the following
to say on the acquisition of illias,

Illias is a strong player with high growth potential. The rest of the VP.Prodigy guys are so confident in him that they offered to pay half of the transfer cost. As club management, we share their confidence and are glad that we managed to assemble an optimal roster that will fight for victories and delight all of us with their play.”

The full VP.P roster is:

  • Egor “epileptick1d” Grigorenko
  • Danil “gpk” Skutin
  • Dmitry “DM” Dorokhin
  • Vitaliy “Save-“ Melnik
  • Illias “illias” Ganeev

While there is currently no upcoming events in which VP.P
are set to play, we are likely to see them in action soon as they now have a
complete roster once again. Considering the strength they have shown previously,
we look forward to see what their newest additions add to the squad and if they
can excel as they had before.

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