What does the future look like for the World of Warcraft Race to World First?

When raid guild Method first streamed the World of Warcraft mythic raid Race to World First (RWF) in the fall of 2018, they found more than just bragging rights. They stumbled upon a potential Twitch viewership gold mine.

Since that first event, the guild has continued to mold the experience by trying to make it as a sustainable esports powerhouse. And other high-profile guilds, namely Complexity Limit, have joined in on the action.

As the event keeps expanding to different channels and teams, however, a number of potential issues and complications could stymie the growth of WoW’s organically cultivated grassroots esport.

Dot Esports spoke to people from both Method and Complexity Limit about the RWF on Twitch and some of the challenges the platform faces moving forward. Method co-founder Sascha Steffens and Complexity Limit guild master Maximum discussed the quality of RWF streams and what the future could hold for the event from a viewer perspective.

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