You were probably hearing an OG Xbox getting abused while playing Halo 3

If you used to own an Xbox 360, you have probably played Halo 3. It’s even possible that you bought the console solely for the video game masterpiece and you wouldn’t be the only one. Yet, the classic first-person shooter could not have been created without brutalizing its console ancestor.

A behind-the-scenes featurette was posted by Halo trilogy sound designer Martin O’Donnell. The video showcased the making of Halo 3‘s audio, and an interesting bit about one minute in showed a foley artist using an unlikely tool to create sound effects.

The original Xbox was the team’s weapon of choice for several effects. One artist used a hammer and even a small hand ax to beat on the console. Another dropped the Xbox on the ground and even used it to grind a cinder block.

It’s an interesting process to see just what goes into Halo 3‘s immersive soundscape. In-game, the audio might sound like it was coming from a dropped canister or a rolled over vehicle but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

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