Your city could be the host for Dota 2's TI11

It seems a bit premature to talk about The International 2021 (or TI11) considering we are still six months away from TI10, doesn’t it? Well, not if your city wants to have a chance to host the biggest Dota 2 event of the 2020-2021 season! Valve recently sent out an email to select individuals notifying them that they are looking for a venue for hosting The International 2021 and are accepting proposals.

The email, which was first put on Twitter by Team Secret’s manager Matthew ‘Cyborgmatt’ Bailey, mentions at the end to refer to the attachment for submitting the application. The attachment hasn’t been made public yet, but once it is, anyone from the community intrested in seeing TI11 come to their hometown will be able to take the matter to their local government.

The International started off in Cologne, Germany in 2011. It then went to Seattle for the next six years followed by Vancouver, Canada (TI8) and Shanghai, China (TI9). TI10 will be hosted by the city of Stockholm, Sweden. Three of the six Dota 2 regions have hosted the great competition. The ones that remain are CIS, South America and Southeast Asia. VPEsports will bring you more as the story develops. For now, be ready to take all the steps necessary to bring The International championships to your backyard!

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