Pokemon Go Is Adding Galarian Pokemon As Part Of New "Throwback" Challenges

With May just around the corner now, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has outlined some of the events it has in store for the game next month. On top of bringing back a few Legendaries to celebrate the launch of Remote Raid Passes, Niantic will hold special limited-time challenges, which include the first appearance of some Galarian Pokemon.

Niantic will offer different “Throwback Challenge” Research lines throughout the month of May. These will only be available for a limited time and focus primarily on specific regions from the Pokemon world.

The Throwback challenge schedule is as follows:

  • Throwback Challenge Kanto Research — May 1-8
  • Throwback Challenge Johto Research — May 8-15
  • Throwback Challenge Hoenn Research — May 15-22
  • Throwback Challenge Sinnoh Research — May 22-29

Each Research line will consist of eight sets of three tasks. You’ll be able to see all the available tasks in the recently introduced Today View tab. If you can complete all four Research lines, you’ll unlock a fifth one called the Throwback Challenge Champion Special Research. This will be available from June 3-8 and offer some extra rewards, including another chance to encounter Genesect.

To coincide with Throwback Research event, Pokemon that originated in each region will appear more frequently in the wild during their respective Research lines, and you’ll have a chance to earn extra bonuses and catch a different Shiny. You can see all the Shiny Pokemon that will be appearing each week below:

  • May 1-8 — Shiny Venonat
  • May 8-15 — Shiny Dunsparce
  • May 15-22 — Shiny Skitty
  • May 22-29 — Shiny Glameow

Even if you don’t unlock the final Research line, you’ll have your first chance to encounter Galarian forms of Stunfisk, Darumaka, Meowth, and Zigzagoon from June 3-8. Moreover, most of these monsters will be able to evolve into their Galarian evolutions, meaning you’ll have a chance to add the new Gen 8 Pokemon Obstagoon and Perrserker to your teams. You can read more about the event on the Pokemon Go website.

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