PUBG Adds Ranked Mode In Update 7.2–Here's What You Should Know

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is finally adding a Ranked mode in Update 7.2. The update, which will hit the PC version of the game on May 20 and console and Stadia servers from May 26, bringing this massive, long-anticipated new mode with it.

The PC test server for this patch is live today, so you can jump in and experience the new mode immediately.

According to a developer letter sent to GameSpot, Ranked Mode “provides an additional challenge for experienced players, allowing them to climb the ranks and see where they stand among other players.” It also provides a list of goals for this new mode:

  • Provide an official way to measure skill in PUBG that shares inspiration and direction with PUBG Esports
  • Provide new ways for players to show off their skill and status to each other
  • Provide an environment specially tuned for serious PVP only competition
  • Provide a new queue that divides ranked from normal play, allowing their rules and settings to evolve independently and with separate purpose
  • Provide a different atmosphere for Ranked play by introducing a special Ranked lobby and additional post game details
  • Provide new unique seasonal rewards, reserved for Ranked players of a given season
  • Introduce new systems that aim to help protect the integrity of Ranked games and leaderboards

Each ranked season will start with players unranked, and after completing placement matches across both TPP and FPP modes, they’ll be given a starting rank. Ranks are spread between tiers and divisions, so you could move, for instance, up from Gold Division III to Gold Division IV. Your previous ranks will impact future ranks, but Platnium V is the rank cap for placement (Diamond and Master classes sit above it, but you’ll need to rank up to them).

You’ll earn RP across the season that will increase or decrease your Rank Tier and Division, and at the end of the season you’ll be rewarded based on the highest position you climbed to. Ranked Mode will use the SUPER settings used in PUBG Esports, so ranked matches will feature 64 players and squads (of one, two, or three players). This means that it’ll be easier to loot earlier, and there’s no red zone to worry about. The maps Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok will be used–the same ones used on the pro circuit. There will be no bots, either.

As for the rewards, a ranked skin set will be given to anyone who hits Gold V or higher. These skins will change each season, but will “share a distinct Ranked aesthetic,” so they’ll be good for bragging rights. Players who finish their placement matches will receive a unique nameplate and emblem, and the Top 500 players in each region will get some extra bling on theirs. Season Pass Missions can also be worked towards in Ranked Matches.

Ranked Mode isn’t the only new addition coming to the game in update 7.2, though. The Jerry Can is also getting a major update, and you’ll be able to throw it now, spilling fuel all over the ground. Players will be able to create puddles, which can then be ignited when the time is right (as long as it does not evaporate).

Shotguns are also getting a rework, doing more damage to heads and limbs, with a reduced accuracy penalty during movement and less of a damage drop at range. They’ll even be more accurate when fired from the hip after the update. Weapons are being balanced across the board, so popular assault rifles are seeing recoil reduced and the M416 is seeing a damage reduction.

PUBG has rolled out performance improvements recently, as well as bots for the console versions of the game, but this is the biggest update the game has received in some time. Season 7 also saw the return of the Vikendi map recently, although much about it had changed.

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