PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass Is Out Now

PUBG Mobile’s Season 13 Royale Pass has launched on both Android and iOS. Season 13 adds the “Toy Playground” theme and a myriad of in-game unlockable items.

There are three available passes, with the free Royale Pass limiting players to level 60. The Elite pass costs 600 UC and gives players access to all of the Season 13 content. The Elite Plus pass also gives full access for players and will level up players straight to rank 25, however, it costs 1,800 UC.

The new Royale Pass gives players the opportunity to collect new themed rewards, including skins, outfits, and more through all new in-game challenges. Those who have purchased the pass can choose between Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger at level 50, earning the Ultra Defender Set at Rank 100.

The new challenges will allow players to unlock new upgrades to their outfits by completing the Toy Master and Puppet Agent series special missions. The Puppet Agent outfit comes in three separate forms, which can be mixed up for personal preference and optimal customization. Royale Pass players who reach the highest rank can also upgrade the outfit to Mythic rarity.

The notification system has been updated as well, with all RP mission reminders being improved so players can track their progress easily. Reminders have also been added, messaging players at the beginning and the end of the season.

Following this update, more information about upcoming PUBG Mobile features will be released, including more on the Jungle Adventure Guide, Bluehole Mode in EvoGround, and more.

The Toy Playground theme is a fitting choice following the Fantasy Battle Royale mode from the April Fools event last month.

PUBG Mobile is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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