10 Hardest Achievements In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the third entry in the rebooted series, and it manages to live up to the high standards set by its predecessors.

The brilliance of the game means that many fans aren’t satisfied with just playing through its story, they want to experience everything the title has to offer. One of those things is Xbox achievements.

It has a solid list of achievements, and getting all 99 of them would be challenging for even the best Tomb Raider players. This list is dedicated to the hardest ones the game has to offer.

10 Tomb Raider

The name of this achievement might seem basic, but it’s certainly accurate, as this one requires players to complete all of the base game’s challenge tombs. There are nine of them, and they can be found through exploration or by talking to certain civilians. Each tomb contains several puzzles that you need to solve to get the achievement

Some of the puzzles can be difficult, which is why the achievement lands on this list. However, decent players should be able to get through them. They’re certainly worth doing, as they’re a lot of fun, and completing them all nets you an impressive 50 Gamerscore.

9 Chak Attack

Remaining on the topic of challenge tombs, the game’s DLCs added more of them to the game, along with score and time attacks for each one. This achievement focuses on the Mother Protector tomb featured in The Path Home DLC.

Beating the tomb’s score attack with at least a bronze gets you the Chak Attack achievement. This means that you need to get at least 200,000 points by shooting lanterns and collecting wisps in quick succession to build up your multiplier. As Mother Protector has one of the harder score attacks, it might take a few tries to get this achievement.

8 Chel Game

The time attack for the Mother Protector tomb can be equally as tricky as the score attack. Although, if you beat the time attack within 13 minutes, you earn a bronze medal and this achievement.

Naturally, a knowledge of the tomb and its puzzles helps greatly with getting a good time, so a bit of trial and error is necessary for most players to get this achievement. Or you can watch a guide online if you don’t feel like doing the leg work.

7 Dr. Croft

For this achievement, you have to complete every artifact collection in the game. To do that, you need to collect all of the game’s documents, photographs, and relics, and also find every mural. As with most collectible achievements, it’s hard because of how long it takes.

It’s extra challenging for those who avoid using guides, as tracking them down can be troublesome. At least Shadow of the Tomb Raider has in-game maps and backpacks you can find that show you where the collectibles are. Narrowing down their exact locations can still be challenging, though.

6 Organ Grinder

Back to DLC achievements now, and this one is for getting at least a bronze in the Howl of the Monkey Gods’ score attack (included in The Nightmare DLC). You need 250’000 points to achieve it, and it can be frustrating.

This is because a lot of the tomb is separated from each other, so traversing to different sections can easily end your multiplier. However, if you’re smart with choosing when to shoot lanterns to keep your combo going, then you should be able to get through it.

5 Howl Long

To get the Howl Long achievement, you need to beat Howl of the Monkey Gods’ time attack within 10 minutes (which is at least a bronze medal). Unfortunately, as with most of the DLCs, the tombs’ time attack is as hard as its score attack.

Traversing between the different sections of this tomb becomes a problem once again, as when trying to do it quickly (as necessary in a time attack), it is easy to make a mistake and fall to your death. It’s also easy to fall prey to one of the tomb’s multiple spike traps when rushing.

4 Gunslinger

To get the Gunslinger achievement you need steady aim, quick reflexes, and most of all, the right opportunity. This is because the achievement requires you to get three headshots in three seconds with the pistol.

Achieving this in a regular shootout is very hard, and only the best players would be able to do it. Luckily, there are certain places in the game where this achievement is easier to get. For example, early in the game when you have to go through a dig site, as there’ll be three enemies near a forklift unaware of your presence.

3 One With The Jungle

One with the Jungle is the name of the game’s hard (though not hardest) difficulty setting. To get this achievement, you have to beat the game on that setting, which is much easier said than done. Tough enemies, a lack of ammo, and no hints are just a few of the things you have to deal with when playing on this difficulty.

There is a way to make your playthrough slightly easier, due to the game’s difficulty being separated into three categories combat, exploration, and puzzle. When putting the overall difficulty at One with the Jungle, all three categories get switched to hard, but you can lower one of them to normal, and it will still be considered One with the Jungle difficulty.

2 Completionist

To get this achievement, you need to 100% complete the game. That means beating the story, completing every challenge tomb (Tomb Raider achievement), doing every side mission, getting every artifact (Dr. Croft achievement), solving every monolith puzzle, looting every crypt, and completing all challenges. So as you can imagine, it is very time-consuming.

Plus, as it encompasses the Tomb Raider and Dr. Croft achievements, the difficulties mentioned in those entries are relevant here, with the addition of some tricky crypts and challenges. You need to be really committed to the game to get this achievement.

1 Deadly Obsession

Only the best Tomb Raider players will be able to pick up this achievement because it requires you to beat the game on the Deadly Obsession difficulty setting. It has the same challenges as those mentioned in the One with the Jungle entry with multiple additional ones.

For instance, there’s no indicator to show that you are being detected by the enemy, the game only saves at base camps, and you need resources to light those base camps to save at them. Plus, there is no option to lower the difficulty of the combat, exploration, or the puzzles like with the One with the Jungle setting. Good luck to anyone who attempts this achievement, especially when you get to the final boss.

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