10 Incredible Gaming Feats Players Managed To Pull Off

As the world of gaming and game development grows more complex with each passing year, so too do players’ cravings for greater challenges in their favorite titles. During the classic era of gaming, gamers tended to compare feats like who had found the most secrets in a game, who managed to pull of secret moves, or who managed to snag the highest score. In the modern era, gaming accomplishments have become a very different thing.

Players have taken on incredibly in-depth challenges to go down in history next to their favorite games. While some feats may seem rather simplistic on the surface, the in-depth mechanics that often feature in games can make simple-seeming feats some of the most incredible things to witness. The best part is that gamers don’t show any signs of slowing down.

10 Beating Punch-Out Blindfolded

Most Nintendo fans have at least tried one version of Punch-Out at one point in time. The Punch-Out series is filled with tricky fights that give even the best gamers trouble, but some have managed to beat games in the series while blindfolded.

This feat may seem impressive, but even that wasn’t enough as many players have accomplished it. Players took this a step further, and two even managed to beat it blindfolded while sharing a controller. To top it off, they did it live in front of thousands of people.

9 Beating Mario Games With Dance Pads

While Mario games aren’t the most difficult titles around, there certainly are ways to make playing them a bit more challenging. While players could mod various games timers or life-counts, others have gone a step farther.

A surprising amount of gamers have taken on the challenge of completing different Mario games through the use of various dancing pads. Being able to accomplish such a feat requires seriously in-depth knowledge of every single enemy and stage any given game has to offer.

8 Playing Every Rock Band Instrument At The Same Time

Getting good at one rhythm game can take a serious commitment. Getting good at every can take even longer. Getting good enough to play every instrument in Rock Band at the same time is uh, going to take even more time.

While it’s possible the feat has been replicated by more gamers in recent years, one of the earliest examples of this was done over a decade ago. DarthGollumKong on Youtube uploaded a video where he plays through some songs while playing two guitars, the drums, whilst singing and using a tambourine.

7 Beating Dark Souls With A Guitar Hero Controller

The Dark Souls series is widely regarded as one of the toughest game series to subject yourself to. Many players have taken it upon themselves to master them, but not even mastery was enough for some.

This feat has become a rather popular challenge for Twitch streamers to take on over the years, but one took it even further. One Twitch streamer that goes by the name MezzPlays, managed to make it all the way through the entire game without taking a single hit while playing on a guitar controller.

6 A Gamer Hacked A Building To Play Tetris

Some players put a lot of work into the simplest games. To this day, there are still competitive Tetris tournaments that go on around the world. The global love for Tetris led one player to do something that may have caused some chaos.

Some incredibly smart MIT students managed to take control of a building's light grid in order to poorly play a game of Tetris. While the gameplay isn’t all that impressive, the fact that the game is being played by controlling a building is an incredible sight to behold.

5 Beating Mega Man X 1,2, And 3 At The Same Time

It can take more than a couple of attempts to beat any of the original Mega Man X games for the first time. You might even wonder if it’s possible to beat the original three Mega Man X games simultaneously, but apparently, it’s possible.

Another challenge that a surprising amount of people have taken on, agwawaf uploaded a Youtube video of their simultaneous (tool-assisted) run of the three Mega Man X titles being completed at the same time. The video is well worth a watch for anyone who’s even remotely a fan of the Mega Man series.

4 Beating Super Mario World With A Recorder

Similarly to completing Mario with dance mats, Mario fans have managed to find tons of unique ways to challenge themselves with their favorite titles over the years. One dedicated Mario fan decided that the typical challenges weren’t enough for him.

A Japanese gamer decided that not only would he take on the task of beating Super Mario World by playing on a recorder, but that he would play that recorder with his nose. Just about every video that can be found of the feat is impressive and head-scratchingly confusing at the same time.

3 Beating Breath Of The Wild Without Weapons

The Legend Of Zelda series has offered players a lot of flexibility with the way they play, but none more so than Breath Of The Wild. While there were tons of unique ways to overcome challenges, Nintendo probably didn’t expect a player to beat it without weapons.

An incredibly popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer by the name of SmallAnt took on the no-weapons challenge and managed to see it through to the end. The entire battle with Ganon was beaten by SmallAnt executing some perfectly timed parries to send the beast's lasers back at it.

2 The Man Who Played Dark Souls With Bananas

Beating a game like Dark Souls with a Guitar Hero controller is one thing, but beating it with a bunch of bananas is another thing entirely. The feat doesn’t even sound real, but it absolutely is. SuperLouis64 on Youtube has released more than one video of him accomplishing this task.

Not only has he fully beaten the game by playing with bananas, but he also turned it into something even better when he took on the challenge again. This time he did it in order to raise money for charity, something that many gamers can agree is quite the noble cause.

1 Beating The Ocarina Of Time Demo

Fans of Super Smash Bros Brawl are likely to remember the assortment of classic Nintendo demos that could be unlocked. All of those demos had various timers that would boot players back to the main menu once the time was up, one of which was Ocarina of Time, which had a five-minute timer.

There had to have been countless days put into figuring out the perfect route that would not only allow players to beat Ocarina of Time in five minutes but also get to a state where they could reach and defeat Ganon. Youtuber Lunatic J put out an excellent video highlighting the entire process.

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