10 Pokemon That Will Never Make My Team

Gotta catch’em all, right? No. Not all of them. It may just be due to my own stubbornness, but there are certain Pokemon that will never be called up to make my team and take on the wide world of Pokemon trainers. Every Pokemon has its own redeeming qualities, but even that isn’t enough.

It would be easy to simply not like insects and make the decision that none of them will ever make my team, but Butterfree and Scizor exist and are awesome, so that’s just not gonna work. The world of Pokemon is filled with unique creatures, and some of the most unique shall never claim a spot in my illustrious team of six.

10 Bidoof

With how common a wild Bidoof is in the early game of the fourth generation of Pokemon, no one could be blamed for adding it to their team. It's a fine normal type that gets an added water type and is capable of learning a wide array of moves.

Despite that, Bidoof will never make this trainer's team. Sure it's sorta cute, I guess, but it evolves into a goofy monstrosity. Bidoof is just too susceptible to the early game of the fourth generation that it can go ahead and just stay lurking in the tall grass.

9 Parasect

There have been people that have gone through the effort to discover that Paras, and by extension Parasect is one of the most ignored Pokemon in the history of the franchise. Unfortunately, I have no issue adding to that statistic.

The Pokemon is just strange. There are many other better bug-type Pokemon, both in design and in overall performance. Despite that, Parasect always seems to be lurking somewhere just out of sight and hopping out at me in the wild when I least expect it.

8 Kangaskhan

Let's just acknowledge the thing that no one seems to want to talk about, Kangaskhan rushes into battle with a literal baby in its pouch. I'm not one to tell other people how to parent their children, but I am absolutely judging Kangaskhan's life decisions.

It's not mean that I won't put a Kangaskhan on my team, realistically, I'm actually looking out for the next generation of the species. I'm doing the Pokemon world a service, and I will gladly pat myself on the back for it.

7 Wobbuffet

There's something about Wobbuffet that I just don't trust. Maybe it's the fact that the blue creature is not even close to being a water-type. It might be that it has a pair of eyes on its tail. Whatever it is, Wobbuffet can stay far away from me.

I could be missing out, Wobbuffet could be one of the best Pokemon in the series, but I will never know because I will never use it. I probably could have just blamed it on Team Rocket using it in the anime, but it's too late now. Oh well!

6 Pineco

Rather than being weirded out by Pineco, or fighting with its high encounter rate, I really just don't want to rush into battle with a living pinecone. I absolutely believe that somewhere in the world, there is a group that stans Pineco, but I'm not a member of that club.

It probably has a great defensive stat, but I'm an attack-to-win type of guy so I don't worry about defense all that much. Maybe I'm missing out on another great, or maybe I have made the right choice by letting the Pineco remain among the trees.

5 Stantler

I love some fantastical Pokemon designs, and Stantler is about as basic as it could get. Pokemon is an escape for many people, and I am no different, so I can be honest and say that I don't need what is essentially a deer on my team.

Stantler might be endearing to some, but I don't ever see my heart growing fonder for the beast. What would it take to get me to add one to my team – nothing could convince me, not even a million bucks.

4 Swalot

I'm not entirely sure why Swalot won't ever be on my Pokemon teams, but it might be because it reminds me of a nightmare. The creature can be cute, but its previous form is much more my speed. Swalot looks like it would turn on its owner the first chance it got.

I for one am not interested in letting my little in-game trainer become Pokemon food. Sorry Swalot, you will have to bide your time and hope that one day a trainer that is better than me comes around and is willing to welcome you into their happy little Pokemon family.

3 Castform

A lot of people have asked what Castform is, but not a lot of people have asked why Castform is. I really don't know what to make of the creature since it looks like a ghost, is normal-type, but is also able to shift to other forms.

I like to know what I am getting into when I catch a Pokemon. I don't need one to suddenly change completely with a shift in the weather. A change in visuals could throw off the whole dynamic in my team and I just won't have that.

2 Beedrill

It is an enormous bee. Do I even need to continue with the rest of the entry – anyone who is allergic to bees probably agrees with me that Beedrill can stay as far away as possible, and then some on top of that.

Maybe it would be cathartic to add one to my team in order to have it destroy my enemies, but I don't want to find out. Pokemon will likely continue for generations, but few creations will be as horrific as the mighty Beedrill.

1 Garbodor

It is a literal trash creature. I've been wondering how many people were fans of Garbodor and it seems like more people are than I could have ever thought. I'm a humble person, my opinion could be complete rubbish, but that just means more Garbodor for you.

It gets even more shocking because it even has its own unique gigantamax form. I don't mean to dump on Garbodor, it's a unique Pokemon and that's what is important, but to me, something about it feels recycled, so ill leave it alone in the wild.

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