10 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Genshin Impact

Two months after its launch and Genshin Impact hasn’t lost any steam. In fact, Google Play just named the fledgling JRPG its Best Game of 2020.  Genshin undoubtedly deserves this crown, considering it now lives on more than 10 million Android devices (to say nothing of its popularity on iOS, PlayStation and Windows machines).

Many players have already completed the main story quests, which will be updated just before the end of the year, but casual and hardcore fans are staying busy in Teyvat anyway. Discovering new techniques to maximize DPS and completing self-imposed challenges for Internet clout are some of the ways the pros stave off boredom. Here’s how you can keep up with the Genshin elite.

10 Variable Casting Speed Ningguang

The ease of this tech means that mastering it won’t earn you street cred. However, this  move is used by every top player to get more out of Ningguang, who’s undoubtedly a must-build character. Employing the walk-cancel isn’t sufficient to make you a pro, but it is necessary.

As the name implies, boosting Ningguang’s attack rate is as simple as walking and attacking. While Genshin’s mages can’t move and attack simultaneously, this is good news for Ningguang, as her lengthy spell animation is interrupted by walking. The result is a stutter-step between attacks that noticeably increases the frequency of Ningguang’s boulder hurling. Toss some geo artifacts her way and Ningguang becomes a shield-generating, cover-providing, rapid-firing fortress of hurt.

9 Klee’s Jumpy Dumpty Damage Bumpy

What’s not to like about adorable pint-sized pyromaniac Klee? Out of the box, she’s ready to scorch through almost any boss. Klee only got scarier when players discovered that jumping nearly doubles the rate of her bomb throwing (as seen in this YouTube guide) — only natural for a character with a sidekick named Jumpy Dumpty.

Some have made controller macros that perfectly execute jump-cancels, but doing this isn’t recommended for reasons mentioned below. Instead, simply practice timing jumps after Klee’s first throw, then try jumping after her first two throws and stick with the rhythm that suits you. Klee, like Ningguang, also benefits from walk-cancelling, though not as much as she does from jumping, so you have plenty of options.

8 Successfully Dodging as Mona

Fans loved getting to know Mona through the Unreconciled Stars event and through combat in general. With a kit designed to buff the whole party and a dash mechanic that’s uniquely her own (until Ayaka drops), Mona’s popularity is justified. Fans quickly realized, however, that said dash was both a strength and weakness.

Mona’s sprint has her disappear into a puddle that races along the ground, currently the fastest sprint in the game. The downside is that while Mona seemingly enjoys as many invulnerability frames as everyone else, her i-frames begin later in her animation. The result is that Mona can be stun-locked and juggled to death by enemies or simple stage hazards. For this reason, solo Mona domain runs have become a bragging right among pros in much the same way that solo Amber runs have as well.

7 Full-Automatic Archery

Fischl, Venti and the recently added Childe are among the game’s strongest characters, but it’s their elemental skills that make them special rather than their bows. However, archers do benefit from an astonishing (and forbidden) glitch called aim-cancelling.

Rapidly zooming in and out of aim mode while firing dramatically increases archers’ attack rate. Using this tech is not recommended though, as it appears that miHoYo considers it a bannable offense. This is likely because many players abuse the tech via macros, like Klee’s jump-cancel, or simply because it increases DPS so far beyond what is intended.

6 Plunge Attack Bow Tech

Another archer gimmick that hopefully won’t result in a ban is their flat-ground plunge attack. Plunge attacks are performed by jumping down any elevation change and pressing attack to slam into the ground, causing a small AoE damage burst. Reddit user Mmaxum discovered that archers can plunge anywhere by jumping immediately after loosing a fully charged aimed shot.

Practical applications for this are essentially non-existent, still, it doesn’t hurt to know the full potential of each character.

5 The Andrius Dog Show

The greatest strength belonging to Genshin’s main character — simply called “Traveler” regardless of what name you pick — is the ability to swap elements and the skills that come with them. For now, Traveler can choose to control the anemo (wind) or geo (earth) elements.

One niche use for geo is against Andrius, who puts up one of the hardest fights in the game. The noble Wolf of the North hilariously struggles to overcome the otherwise unimpressive boulders spawned by the geo-wielding Traveler. Simply cast your boulder in front of Andrius before he jumps for his pounce attack and he should get stuck on top of it. It’s less than honorable but very entertaining.

4 Beidou’s Bird Batting Practice

Genshin’s Pirate Queen, Beidou, has a one-of-a-kind counter attack. Unlike other elemental skills, Beidou’s shouldn’t be used on cooldown. Instead, save her skill for parrying big hits to maximize Beidou’s damage output. One might intuitively think that Beidou’s counter requires absorbing damage first before dealing it back at her opponent, but an astute Reddit user found that she can counter just before taking damage too.

Mastering this is necessary for defeating the Oceanid boss with Beidou, as the bird enemies it spawns attack fast enough to escape Beidou’s range if she doesn’t counter at precisely the right time. With some practice you’ll be hitting those birds clear out of the park.

3 Shooting Star Express

With enough imagination you can become your own golden meteor to better imagine how wishing for Diluc or Keqing must feel (those pesky Primogems and wishes). A quirk of the plunge attack is that it sends you hurtling in the direction your feet are pointing after you jump, which should be downwards… but isn’t necessarily. Find an updraft close to an overhanging obstacle and try to wedge yourself between the draft and said obstacle. Try to get stuck so that you’re more horizontal than vertical, then attack.

This clip from Reddit shows Xiangling rocketing across the map as she “plunges” through the sky. This trick won’t help you in any of your quests, but it sure is entertaining.

2 Three Stars in Spiral Abyss Chamber 3-2

The Spiral Abyss is the primary way that Genshin Impact keeps players busy once the story quests run dry. The Abyss is first unlocked at rank 20, but at this point your party is  too weak to clear very many floors. There is incentive to try, however, in the form of a free Xiangling gifted to those who finish floor 3 chamber 3. Unfortunately floor 3 chamber 2 cruelly throws far too many enemies with far too much HP at you, more than can be defeated in an honorable way by those new to rank 20.

There are a handful of tips that make the Abyss manageable, one of which is ejecting enemies from the ring with anemo blasts and charged attacks whenever possible, like on 3-2. Even with this strategy understood, 3-2 remains a race against the clock. The faster you can clear each chamber the more stars you receive and rewards you earn — but a three-star rating is tricky even after leveling your party. The earlier you complete this challenge the more admiration you’ll earn from the professionals.

1 Eagle Hunting

Whatever final boss miHoYo plans to release when they complete the story of Genshin Impact might as well be scrapped. Instead, turn the eagle hunting achievement into a proper story quest… doing so would keep players busy for ages. These birds, unlike pigeons and storks, are never on the ground and never stop moving.

Diona’s homing ice missiles make quick work of any flying foe, but to earn the eagle hunting achievement, one must be shot specifically with an aimed archer attack. This can be done more easily by going to mountainous terrain and climbing until you’re level with your prey, but for serious clout try hitting your target while aiming upwards from flat ground. Prepare to watch many in-game sunrises and sunsets while you hopelessly track your mark.

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