10 Tips To Make An Overpowered Character In Cyberpunk 2077

The situation with Cyberpunk 2077 just gets worse with each passing day, what with Sony actually removing the game entirely from the PSN store. There are a lot of reasons for that move, but the primary reason is that Cyberpunk is just simply unfinished.

It’s buggy, it’s unbalanced, and it has a lot of flaws. But one way to look at it positively is to consider that because Cyberpunk is so unfinished, there are a ton of different ways to build an overpowered character. Here are some of the easiest and most efficient methods found so far.

Capitalize On One Of Many Money Exploits

First and foremost let’s talk about the money exploits that are so easy to pull off in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s not like Eurodollars or “Eddies” are that hard to come by anyway, but, there are a few different methods that simply break the economy of Night City:

  • One is through the exploit found in the I Walk The Line story quest
  • Secondly, there’s the buyback trick found in the Space Oddities side quest
  • Third and finally, there’s the simple method of crafting a bunch of clothing items/guns that sell for a chunk of Eddies, since components are so plentiful.

Because,  with a large pile of money, V can buy all the Cyberware and Legendary guns their heart desires and become truly overpowered.

Focus On Critical Damage

Building for critical damage in Cyberpunk 2077 is so incredibly easy. There are a staggering amount of Perks and Mods that exponentially increase the amount of damage of crits to astronomical proportions. So, if players want to build an OP character, just try and get anything and everything that adds critical chance, critical damage, or stealth/headshot multipliers. Then, pump some points into the Cool attribute & use a silenced pistol or a sniper. It really is just as easy as that. Be aware though, apparently, mods other than armor mods stack, so no need to use multiple Bully mods.

Try A Cold Blood Build

The Cold Blood tree is not at all what players expected from the Cool Attribute considering its description is so similar to a “Sneaking” or “Stealth” attribute in any other game. But, if fully built into, the Cold Blood perk is outright astounding. This is another build that tends to rely on crits since the “Cold and Calculating” Perk has a chance to proc a stack of Cold Blood on any critical hit. So, it actually goes hand-in-hand with a crit built or a pistol build.

Invest In Arm Cyberware

The Cyberware in CD Projekt’s newest game is one of the bigger disappointments. Not many of the Cyberware V gets decked out in actually does anything more than increasing stats by a percentage or causing a bit of bullet time. But the Arm Cyberware? By far the best, and here’s why:

  • Projectile Launch System: Infinite grenade launcher that auto targets enemies
  • Gorilla Arms: Absurd Physical Damage (That apparently scales with Assault Rifle perks) & Helps Force Open Doors
  • Mantis Blades: Fantastic Stealth weapons that scale with Blades tree, plus with Target Analyzer Mod on Optic Cyberware, that long execute animation in no more
  • Monowire: By far the worst statistically, but can still be built well with some research

Each one can easily become overpowered by just finding the right Ripperdoc and unlocking the right skills.

Find A Source Of Burn Or Poison Damage

Out of all the elemental damage types in Cyberpunk, the Burn and Poison status effect, which come from Thermal and Chemical damage, are incredibly strong. Thermal damage just seems to melt health bars, so much so that players might as well ignore enemies on fire, they’ll just burn to death in a second anyway. Then there’s Chemical damage, which has a whole bunch of skills dedicated to it in the Cool attribute (specifically the Stealth tree), all of which are surprisingly strong, especially Neurotoxin and Hasten The Inevitable.

Netrunner Wannabes Have It Easy

Going for a Netrunner build can absolutely work, and it actually turns the game into a sort of “look at enemies to kill them” sort of experience. In any case, the quickest way to get to this level is to focus all Attribute Points on the Intelligence tree, get any perk that has to do with Access Points, and save up for the Legendary Cyberdecks that Ripperdocs start selling at mid-high range Street Cred.

Additionally, because Quickhacks and the perks in the Intelligence Attribute are so strong on their own, V can hyper-focus on getting this stat to 20 by LVL14 no problem.

Find Iconic Weapons & Build Technical Skill

Iconic weapons are Cyberpunk’s version of Unique Weapons from games like Fallout, Borderlands, or the Outer Worlds. These are rare variants of weapons that have an additional variable at play, such as firing an extra bullet per shot, or a gun that comes complete with a snarky little AI pre-installed. In any case, some of these Iconic Weapons are so insanely strong, can be found right away, and can be upgraded/built-up to the next rarity with enough points in Specific Perks within the Technical Ability Attribute. Most broken builds tend to have a specific Iconic weapon at their core, and there’s a reason for that.

Find A Good Pistol Or Sniper

There’s been a lot of talk about this, but there are absolutely some weapon types in the game that are stronger than others. For instance, Pistols and Snipers are so absurdly strong, thanks to Pistols having some fantastic Perks related to them in the Reflexes Attribute, and Sniper’s taking advantage of the poor AI at long range. So, to make an overpowered character as quickly as possible, build for either of these.

Rely On Tech Weapons

Now, outside of the different weapon types, there are also different weapon categories, three of them to be precise. There’s Power, Smart, and Tech weapons, all with their own gimmicks. Smart weapons are good too, but nothing beats Tech Weapons. Why? Well, because Tech weapons can shoot enemies through walls. Not just one wall, not just two walls, literally anything standing between V and the enemy is paper when up against a Tech Weapon. We’re assuming this isn’t intended, as it sort of breaks the game, but it’s in the game, so might as well use one, especially one of the, frankly unbalanced, unique ones. 

Try This Tranquilizer Round Combination

This last tip is pretty simple, all it requires is the Projectile Launch System Arm Cyberware and the Tranquilizer Round Mod. When these two are combined, V launches tranq rounds that….explode next to enemies and knock them right out. It might look violent, but they simply fall over unconscious, not just for a couple of seconds, they simply never wake up. And this applies to literally every human character in the game. This combination absolutely breaks all semblance of difficulty in Cyberpunk, but it’s also pretty fun to use too.

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