6 Games To Play If You Like SnowRunner

SnowRunner is an incredibly challenging and intricate off-road racing-adjacent game where your main goal is to guide hulking trucks and vehicles through treacherous snowy locations. Eschewing traditional races, SnowRunner instead puts you in the driver's seat of massive trucks, ones that need to be driven with precision around the snow and forest-filled locations. This is not an easy game to get into given the high skill curve, however, fans of simulation-type vehicle games can get a lot out of SnowRunner.

Fortunately, there are myriad other similar vehicle games that push the limits of driving, completing challenges, and simply trying to survive the harsh elements that Mother Nature throws your way. Whether you are a racing game fan or a simulation-based vehicle game, then there are countless other similar games to check out. Here are some of the very best ones to play right away if you like SnowRunner.

6 MudRunner

Much like SnowRunner, MudRunner follows a similar path in that you must guide massive trucks and vehicles across harsh locations while transporting goods or vehicles. MudRunner is really all about driving through punishing terrain while completing various challenges. Fans of simulation-based off-road games have a lot to enjoy here, especially since the game just drops you into the thick of things, with only a compass and map in hand.

Many people might jump into a game like MudRunner thinking it's just another off-road racing game, however, this couldn't be farther from the truth. The game's open sandbox locations are brimming with secrets to discover and new routes to navigate. Plus, the game can be played in co-op making it even more robust overall.

5 Off The Road Unleashed

Off the Road Unleashed is a little-known off-road indie racing-adjacent game. This Nintendo Switch game puts you in the seat of a host of all-terrain vehicles and sets you loose in one of five diverse regions. Each of these regions is littered with events and challenges to complete, collectibles to find, and hidden vehicles to discover. Off the Road Unleashed is basically an off-road explorable paradise that just wants you to have fun, no matter what you are doing at any given moment.

Where Off the Road Unleashed differs from games like MudRunner or SnowRunner is that you can actually fly planes and helicopters, drive boats, and even parachute around the various lands. The freedom to play how you want in this game is unparalleled. Plus, the game does a fantastic job at mixing arcade gameplay elements with simulation-based challenges. If you own a Switch and haven't yet played Off the Road Unleashed, then be sure to remedy that right away.

4 Farming Simulator 22

For something completely different you can look to Farming Simulator 22, or any of the previous Farming Simulator games for that matter. Farming Simulator 22 expands on the agrarian sandbox gameplay by giving you more crops, more vehicles, more farm tools, and just more farming simulation goodness for those that prefer that breed of gameplay.

The sheer amount of activities in this game is staggering. You can tend to your crops, you can hire AI farm hands, you can care for myriad animals, you can sell crops and buy land, or you can simply run around the villages and towns to just stand in front of NPCs to see how they react. No matter how you play Farming Simulator 22, there is something to find around every corner, just be prepared for a steep learning curve, much like any other simulation game.

3 Lawn Mowing Simulator

Okay, it might seem like an April Fool's joke for a game called Lawn Mowing Simulator to exist, however, it does, and spoiler alert; it's actually a lot of fun. A game like Lawn Mowing Simulator will likely only appeal to a small audience given its niche genre appeal. For those interested though, there's a ton to dive into. Players can enjoy a fully-fledged career mode where you build a lawn mowing business from the ground up replete with obtaining clients, purchasing and upgrading mowers, and scaling your business as a whole.

On the other hand, for those that just want to mow a lawn without getting grass stains, you can freely hop into any of the numerous locations to just mow to your heart's content. It's arguably a very niche and confusing game, but, for those wishing to try something completely different then there's a lot to enjoy here in Lawn Mowing Simulator.

2 Dirt Rally 2.0

If you are someone that enjoyed all-terrain and off-road style games then look no further than Dirt Rally 2.0. While any of the Dirt games are perfect to slot into this list, it's Dirt Rally 2.0 that encapsulates the challenging simulation-focused off-road racing gameplay that fans of SnowRunner might just enjoy. This rally racing game takes you across a bounty of real-world rally locations with some downright iconic vehicles.

Dirt Rally 2.0, much like its predecessor, is not an easy game to get into, especially for beginners to the rally racing subgenre. You are doing to need to focus on every aspect of your car, your co-pilot, and the track ahead of you. For those that take the time to master the control and vehicle nuances, there's a lot to sink your teeth into for the long haul.

1 Forza Horizon 4

For those of you that want to experience a boatload of racing challenges, the thrill of blazing across beautiful vistas, and tinkering with every aspect of your vehicle, then look no further than Forza Horizon 4. While any of the incredible Forza Horizon games could be a part of this list, it's the series' fourth entry that blends off-road racing with all seasons landscapes, mostly because the game is set around the United Kingdom.

Forza Horizon 4 is very much an arcade racer and leans more into accessibility than downright challenge. However, you can still tweak the game's difficulty and racing settings to make it more challenging should you opt to do so. The bevy of challenges and events sprinkles across the gorgeous, explorable world is what makes this game so darn fun.

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