7 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Lil Gator Game

It is always fun to have a world to explore and to find details in your journey, which is why Lil Gator Game is such a delight. As the little one, you are on a quest to gather a bunch of other kids to help put on a great enough game to convince your older sister to play with you.

While the world of Lil Gator Game isn't too big, it is dense enough with trees and mountains that it is easy to miss out on certain NPCs and key details in the environment that are worth exploring. Even the items that Lil Gator can equip have some surprises that can be missed as well.

7/7 Flint The Mole

When getting lost on the northeastern area of the island, players may easily miss a decent size hole in the ground near the top of one of the cliffs. It is here that players can interact with the hole and meet Flint, a mole who pops out of the ground to talk to the Lil Gator.

Flint will have a rather dangerous weapon to give to you: bombs! These are mostly meant to be tossed at cardboard cutouts, which Flint will challenge you to do so from a specific position. That said, these weapons can be used as a fun way to bounce a ragdolled gator around if you so choose to play that way.

6/7 A Familiar Run

It is fitting that the studio behind Lil Gator Game is called MegaWobble. In the game, the little kid roaming around the island has a cute little wobble to their walk that adds to the charm of this adorable and hilarious adventure. However, one accessory does change Lil Gator's stance.

At one point in the game, you may complete a side quest that involves a couple of kids pretending to be ninjas. An award for this is a headband that Lil Gator can equip at any time. When equipped, Lil Gator will no longer waddle but run stiffly and fast. This is likely a reference to kids doing the classic Naruto run.

5/7 Returning To The Rock

Early on in the adventure, your friend Jill will set up a quest for you that will involve retrieving your trusty sword to fight bad guys with. After walking along the path, you will discover a rock that has a stick poking out of it. You will then take the stick as your starting weapon for your journey.

But in case a stick isn't something you had in mind, players can return soon after completing this quest. When arriving back at the rock, you will meet a duck named Franny who is actually looking for the stick you took. They will say you can keep the stick and will also say that they found a wooden sword, which is actually what Jill wanted you to find.

4/7 Different Shields Provide Effects

Another one of the tools you will get early on in Lil Gator Game is a shield. But, considering there is no combat in this experience, shields are not used to actually defend against damage. Instead, shields are used as sleds that allow you to slide down hills at turbo speeds.

As you collect different shields throughout the game, you may miss that each shield may bring a different effect to the table. For instance, the tube can be used to bounce across the water a lot quicker compared to using any other shields. The skateboard actually functions like one, with Lil Gator standing upright as he shreds through the forest.

3/7 End Game Offers Easier Collecting

While some games may end before you get a chance to do anything, Lil Gator Game allows you to continue to roam around the island after the credits roll on the main storyline. With this comes a couple of tools that will help in finding everything and everyone that is still out in the world.

Talking to Avery will give the player a megaphone, which will help garner the attention of anyone who still hasn't made their way to the playground. Meanwhile, Jill will give you the power to text her so she can ping you the locations of all the remaining cardboard cutouts, pots, treasure chests, and incomplete time trials.

2/7 Become The Baby Gator

Avery and Jill give you some useful tools to use in Lil Gator Game's post-credits experience, but Martin also has something that may not seem super useful but can be incredibly cute. In a moment post-game with Martin, he will tell you that you will have a connection to your past self even more.

Specifically, you can go to your settings and select Baby Gator Mode. This delightful feature turns Lil Gator into the younger self that you will have seen in memories of the past. This doesn't do a ton for the game mechanically, except give you the ability to play as even littler guy than you are used to.

1/7 The Real Name

Throughout the game, there is a delightful monkey who goes nameless, and who will provide you with bracelets in different locations — near the start of the game, at the highest mountain, on the windmill, and in the largest tree in the game. These bracelets help Lil Gator climb, and collecting them all will give you unlimited stamina.

But despite those being out of the way, another easily missed moment in the game is finding out the monkey's name. Talking to them over and over will yield different results, leaving you confused as to what the actual name of this friend is. Luckily, talking to them five times will net five different achievements.

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