A 4K Nintendo Switch Model Could Be In The Works

According to sources at Bloomberg, developers who are working on Nintendo Switch titles are being asked to make their games 4K-ready. That suggests Nintendo is considering releasing an upgraded console, capable of 4K visuals. Imagine Luigi’s Mansion 2 with more pixels – mama mia.

The article claims the model is likely coming in 2021, along with a “beefed up” games lineup. If the rumours are true, Nintendo could potentially open the Switch up for more third-party support. We’ve already seen Bethesda squeeze an incredible amount of power out of the standard Switch with Doom and Wolfenstein 2 ports, but perhaps we’ll see even more multiplatform games on a next-gen Switch model.

Nintendo is currently boosting production of the Nintendo Switch, with 30 million units planned for this fiscal year. The Japanese game and console creator has been struggling to keep up with demand since COVID-19 hit and people began to spend more time at home playing games, which also contributed to the runaway success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But with that extra demand, production faced a downturn as social distancing measures came into place in factories.

A new Nintendo Switch model would likely keep Nintendo in the game when Sony and Microsoft release their next-gen machines, though it often feels like Nintendo has its own audience carved out of the gaming landscape. Nintendo fans are one of a kind.

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