A Japanese Dev’s Hamster Games Have Earned It Millions, Now Has Hamster Department

One developer has been so successful with its line of hamster video games that it has established its own internal 'Hamster Department' that will be responsible for developing further hamster-themed titles.

The developer is a Japanese games company that is somewhat aptly named Success, whose own success is down to its hamster games which is the reason it has opened its new hamster-facing department, the company said (via Automaton).

Success has been in the industry since 1978, so it's a veteran of video games, and both publishes and helps to develop titles. It's worked on recent games such as The Caligula Effect 2, aiding with its 3D motion design, and was responsible for several minigames in The Pegasus Dream Tour. Success is also working on a new Metal Saga game, but its biggest development has been adding the new Hamster Department, which started operating last week.

The success Success has had with its hamster titles prompted the opening of its hamster department, and one hamster title has been especially successful for Success. That would be hamster raising simulator Tales of Djungarian Hamster for Nintendo Switch, which has made tens of millions of yen according to Success. Since the game sells for around 2,500 yen (about $19.45) as a physical purchase and about half that digitally, it seems Success has shifted a lot of copies.

Another successful hamster raising game Success has is the mobile title Namaham. Available on iOS and Android, this title has been downloaded more than 450,000 times according to the company. Meanwhile, it has another Hamster game in development for mobile platforms in the form of Hamster Valley.

Success' new department may not be an actual division in terms of corporate structure since it's more like an internal group or club with members coming together to share hamster ideas. But the 18-member club is hoped to grow into a bonafide department in the future, Success has said.

With the success of its hamster titles on Nintendo Switch and on mobile, it looks like Success is on the path to evolving into a rather special hamster games company. Now please excuse us while we coo at all these hamsters.

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