A Lot Of People Are Going To Simp For VALORANT’s New Character, Jett

Riot Games has just released a character teaser for Jett – the latest VALORANT  character to be revealed that is undoubtedly going to lead to a lot of simping.

This video showcases some of Jett’s nerdgasm-inducing abilities, all of which are wind-related and centred on agility and speed.

Jett can propel herself upwards using Updraft to hop onto the more hard-to-reach spots, with ease, dash forward at a sonic speed using Tailwind, and disorientate her enemies with a burst of swirling fog from her Cloudburst ability.

She apparently also has another move called Blade Storm – her ultimate – which unfortunately isn’t shown in the video. This lets her deliver a potentially fatal attack using bursts of throwing daggers. Get the timing and precision right and you score some instant kills.

Fans are already drooling all over their keyboards in response to this teaser, which is paired with a badass TikTok-popular track (strategic move there, Riot), and Jett’s silky-smooth taunts. Some have already pledged their simpitude to this sleek, snowy-haired butt-kicker, and we’re sure it’s only going to keep happening.

This is the latest of a bunch of character teaser trailers Riot has been doling out to get us excited over VALORANT’s Summer 2020 release. Others include Sage the ethereal healer-slash-killer, badass hunter-sniper Sova, and the intoxicating Viper.

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