A Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo Is Coming

The Resident Evil 3 remake is getting a demo and we’ll find out more details in the future, according to a recent official tweet.

Nemesis is coming. Don’t look back now, or else you might find yourself in the clutches of this hulking menace, and that would be an unfortunate turn of events. With the Resident Evil 3 remake on the way, it’s best to keep the Pursuer at bay until one of the most anticipated horror titles of the year makes its grand (and terrifying) debut. It’s going to be Evil at its most tyrant yet.

The Resident Evil 3 remake is getting a much-needed demo. Though the remake may follow the same story, not everything from original game will be making its way into the remake‘s narrative beats. Still, from what has been shown thus far and from what Capcom has revealed in interviews, it’s clear the team is upping the ante on this one.

Proving himself yet again as one of the most ruthless and terrifying video game villains ever crafted in a recent RE3 remake trailer, Nemesis is returning — and not in the way players may have intended. Similar to Jill, who will be receiving enhancements in the form of control upgrades and reworked mechanics, Nemesis will be getting a full package of terrifying AI improvements, such as the ability to leap and run.

Despite the fear-inducing first impressions of Nemesis, the question of whether Resident Evil 3 will outlast the momentum of Resident Evil 2’s remake remains. Thus far, it seems the game will alleviate much of the aggravation from its predecessor, which is exemplified by the various control improvements, such as tactical dodging and barrel rolling around foes. That is not to say that Resident Evil 3’s remake will be easy, mind you.

Unfortunately, Capcom has provided no news about when to expect the demo, but hopefully we’ll find out more soon.

The Resident Evil 3 will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3, 2020.

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