According To You, Slime Climb Is The Best Fall Guys Round

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic recently posted the results of a community survey designed to reveal the five most popular rounds according to players. The results came as a surprise to most people, with a relatively strange contender taking the top spot: Slime Climb.

The poll was posted in conjunction with the launch of Fall Guys Season 2, which went live on October 8. The developers said they would be using feedback from this survey to help improve Fall Guys going forward, as it would allow them to see which rounds their community enjoyed the most, and, perhaps more importantly, which ones needed to be scrapped altogether. The survey went into detail about the kinds of rounds — both individual and team-based — that players would want to see more of, as well as what kind of and how many new rounds they expected in upcoming seasons.

In a follow-up tweet, Mediatonic revealed some of the results of the community survey, initially teasing them by simply showing an unlabeled pie chart of all 27,111 responses. It then unveiled the actual results, which listed the top-five best rounds, from least to most popular, as Whirligig, Knight Fever, Jump Showdown, Hex-A-Gone, and Slime Climb.

These results seemed to surprise almost everyone. It seems that while Whirligig and Knight Fever were expected to make the list, Jump Showdown and Hex-A-Gone have left some players confused, as they’re seen as difficult and sometimes unfulfilling rounds, especially given lag and latency issues on certain servers. Many replies actually claimed that Slime Climb was their least favorite round, due to the frustration of players shoving each other off the edges immediately, as well as lag causing some players to glitch straight into the slime below.

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The tweet sparked an interesting conversation in the community. People responded with their own personal favorites and discussed the merits of each level, as well as the drawbacks and frustrations associated with them. They also asked for more practical fixes to the game and addressed problems with disconnections mid-round.

Regardless of whether everyone agrees with the official survey results, the devs definitely got what they were looking for in terms of community engagement and feedback. Now we just have to wait for the release of the bottom-five round list.

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