Across The Spider-Verse Introduces Obscure Spider-Man Villain, The Spot

Across the Spider-Verse has shared its new villain, The Spot, one of Spider-Man's most obscure rogues. Think of him as Marvel's Polka-Dot Man—your fist goes through one hole, it'll pop out another. We see it in the tweet embedded below as he baits Miles into kicking Gwen.

Even more interestingly, The Spot is being voiced by Jason Schwartzman, known for his roles as Max Fischer in Rushmore, Cousin Ben in Moonrise Kingdom, and more recently, Josto Fadda in Fargo.

The Spot first appeared way back in 1985 in Spectacular Spider-Man #98, a scientist working for the Kingpin who was tasked with replicating Cloak's (the first half of Cloak & Dagger) magical powers artificially. In the process, he created a black circle that acted as a portal which he then covered himself in, using to disorientate his opponents to get the upper hand. Into the Spider-Verse's villain was Kingpin, so The Spot might have ties to crime boss in the movies as well.

Sony Pictures Animation also tweeted about the upcoming superhero flick, giving us an insight into Spider-Man 2099: "Unlike other Spideys, Miguel O'Hara wasn't bitten by a radioactive bug and doesn't have Spidey Sense. But with advanced tech and his own prowess, he's got super strength, wall-climbing claws, a giant laser web, [and] a flying wing-suit."

We'll also be seeing Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman, and an older Miles juggling school and crime-fighting. The usual Spidey stuff. The catch is that "something seems to be setting off his Spidey Sense" and he can't quite figure out what.

And while The Spot is often the butt of a joke, serving as fodder for the main villains in the comics, Sony describes him as "Miles Morales' most formidable foe yet", even more formidable than Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, and Kingpin. Sarcasm, or is Sony trying to redeem The Spot?

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