Activision Blizzard Employee Claims She Had Breast Milk Stolen At Work

The stories coming from Activision Blizzard workers have been truly repellent, but this latest story shared by former Blizzard producer Stephanie Krustick might just top them all. According to Krustick, who worked at Blizzard Entertainment between 2006 and 2020, she had several bags of breastmilk stolen while she was working in the building.

Krustick shared her story in response to another Twitter thread about Blizzard's early so-called 'quiet rooms,' which back in 2008 "consisted of a chair, side table, and light." There was no fridge to store the milk after Krustick was finished pumping, so she had to store the clearly marked bags of breast milk in the breakroom fridge. There was no misidentifying the breast milk as they had pictures of baby faces all over the bags. She was also the only lactating woman at the time, so there was no question as to who the bags belonged to.

Nevertheless, one day she went to the fridge to retrieve her breast milk only to find her bags had disappeared. Everything else was still in the fridge, dated and labeled, providing no explanation for what happened.

"Someone had either taken my bags and tossed them, or stolen them for some creepy reason," Krustick wrote. "This was devastating, not just for the creep factor but because I was already very low on supply and had a baby who wouldn’t latch. I was already supplementing and struggling to get milk."

She never did find out what happened. Less than 24 hours after the incident, her HR rep and department director provided a mini-fridge and other improvements for the quiet room.

"But it should never have happened in the first place," added Krustick. "What demented person steals an infant’s food?"

Besides having her breast milk allegedly stolen, Krustick said she also felt discriminated against for having to pump several times a day, resulting in lost project duties and "negative attitude from my male bosses and male middle management."

Discrimination against female employees is something we've heard in numerous lawsuits against Activision Blizzard, including one from a Blizzard employee that was announced just last night.

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