Aerith’s Voice Actress Celebrates Final Fantasy VII Remake Launch (And It Gets Emotional)

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now out and has been mostly well-received by fans and critics alike, upping the original’s presentation and narrative delivery. While fans and players have been celebrating in their own ways, Aerith voice actress Briana White took to her stream to celebrate Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s release with others.

In a Twitch stream where White, whose Twitch name is TheStrangeRebel, was hyping up Final Fantasy VII Remake, White interacted with fans and gave commentary over part of a playthrough of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Part of her stream is a bit tear-jerking, as White herself becomes very emotional after the countdown to the game’s official release.

In the stream itself, the countdown can be viewed around the 1:13:20 mark.

White appears to be flustered with emotions after the end of the countdown, which is understandable given the long development cycle. Having been in development for a few years, White had likely been involved for a long time, so to this awaited release come to fruition must have been somewhat dreamlike.

The Aerith character herself is one of the most impressive, graphically, of the entire game. And White’s voice acting adds some new personality to her character that only enhances her makeover.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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