AEW: Fight Forever Might Be "One And Done" Due To Disagreements Between Yukes And AEW

AEW: Fight Forever might be a "one and done deal" as there have reportedly been several disagreements behind the scenes between Yukes and AEW, specifically Kenny Omega.

We've known about Yuke's and AEW's fighting game for quite some time now, recently finding out its official name is AEW: Fight Forever, but recent reports have highlighted some behind the scenes issues between the developer and the wrestling organisation.

As reported by Sports Gamers Online, sources behind the scenes have indicated that tensions are high between AEW and Yuke's following several disagreements. AEW superstar Kenny Omega is specifically mentioned within the report, with sources claiming that he is "hating working with Yuke's".

According to the report, one source has claimed that it seemed like "Yuke's was trying to 'take advantage' of an inexperienced Omega in this position". Another issue that's highlighted within the report is the project's budget, with AEW reportedly investing "significant money into development", but that the game has still gone "way over budget".

The report also claims that Fight Forever required "extra investment", although the specific amount isn't mentioned. Budgetary issues have reportedly caused several of the game's features to either be cut back or removed altogether. The roster is apparently one of the elements of the game affected by this, with 50 wrestlers expected at launch, a number that AEW wants to increase via DLC, something that Yuke's won't commit to without a long-term agreement for future games, something AEW isn't ready for.

All of these issues have caused some of the people working on AEW: Fight Forever to believe that it's a "one and done arrangement". One of Sports Gamers Online's sources said, "It can be repaired, but it comes down to desire. If either side doesn’t want to continue, then AEW will look for a new partner.”

It seems to be mostly up to AEW whether the relationship continues, with one source claiming, "Yuke’s will almost certainly sign on for it and is even pushing for it, but AEW is nervous about any long-term deal after this.”

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