After The Fall Review Discussion – VR Gamescast

Is After The Fall this holiday’s VR blockbuster? And is Ultrawings 2 the first game to look out for in 2022? Find out in the VR Gamescast, live today at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm UK!

With the Upload VR Showcase now out of the way (hey, you should watch that!) we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. This week we’re talking about today’s release of After The Fall on Quest 2, PSVR and PC VR. The Left 4 Dead-like shooter has been a long-time coming, but was the wait worth it? Jamie and Zeena break it down after extensive time with the game.

We’ll also touch on another preview from this week, this time for Bit Planet’s Ultrawings 2. We’ve been hands-on with the Quest 2 build of the game and have a lot to say about its controls, content and the flight sim genre overall.

Finally, tying neatly into that topic, we’re going to talk about underserved genres in VR. Which games do we simply not have enough of? Are there any genres out there without bespoke VR versions that you want to see? Don’t forget you can tune in to the show live to have your say.

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