AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative: How To Unlock Ryuki Chapter Diverge

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During the shocking conclusion of AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative, you’ll discover the truth behind the Half Body Serial Killings Case and prevent Tearer’s cult from spreading the TC-Perge virus into the world. As things are wrapping up, you’ll receive one last message from a hologram of Tokiko, the now-deceased head of Naix and the presence behind many of the game’s events.

This final message from Tokiko contains within it a hidden code: a ‘nil number’ that can be used during a replay of one of the game’s earlier sections to unlock a brand new timeline of events. This new chapter also unlocks a bonus somnium that references creator Uchikoshi’s earlier puzzle game Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

How To Unlock Ryuki Chapter Diverge

After finishing Ryuki’s route and progressing through Mizuki’s route past the Chapter 5 Amame Somnium, the game’s story will begin to conclude. In the section labeled Epilogue, you’ll get a chance to speak to all the characters you’ve met along your journey.

At the very end of this, you’ll have a chance to speak to the hologram of Tokiko. They’ll demand that you guide them to Moksha. This is the point where they’ll tell you a ‘nil number’ that you’ll need to write down or take a screenshot of, as you’ll need to refer back to this in a moment.

After the game concludes, load a save and head back to the first time you met Tokiko at Naix headquarters during the first chapter of the Ryuki route. You should be able to select the Naix headquarters as a location that you can immediately teleport to.

Once you arrive at the headquarters, you’ll need to progress through the dialogue with Tokiko about Naix’s philosophy and origins. After you’ve completed all the standard dialogue in this section, you’ll be asked by Tokiko if you're a Frayer. Say yes, and agree that the world is fictional.

Tokiko will then ask you for the nil number that they gave you at the end of the game. Enter this, and the knowledge that you couldn't possibly have at this point will tear at the seams of the fictional world, taking you to a new chapter: Ryuki Diverge.

What To Do In Ryuki Chapter Diverge

After being taken to a glitchy new version of reality, you'll need to find Tokiko one more time. Phase through the walls of the Tokiko office to see something red glowing in the vast skybox of the game. Move towards it, and you'll eventually find Tokiko.

Tokiko will explain the nature of her actions at the end of the game and present you with a choice: return to reality as Ryuki with knowledge of future events, or return without such knowledge. If you choose to return without the knowledge, the game will progress as it did. If you choose the other option, however, you'll get to play through a brief alternate timeline which is worth experiencing for yourself.

For completing Ryuki Chapter Diverge, you'll also unlock the Third Class Cabin in the game's bonus menu. This is an extra somnium that references the game Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

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