Amnesia Memories: Beginner’s Tips

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  • Each World Has Its Own Love Interest
  • Avoid Character Guides On Your First Playthrough
  • Save Often
  • Check Your Parameters
  • Pay Attention To Every Detail
  • Play Through A Route More Than Once
  • Skipping Already Read Dialogue
  • Playing Through All Four Main Worlds

Amnesia Memories is a visual novel that places you in the role of a main character who lost her memory. As you navigate through the story, you will need to remember these lost memories, without being too suspicious. If you are new to the visual novel genre, we are here to help.

In this guide, we are going to go over some beginner's tips to help you on your journey in Amnesia Memories. As this is meant for beginners, you won't find any spoilers here that may ruin the story for you.

Each World Has Its Own Love Interest

In some otome visual novels, you will have the chance to woo several love interests at the same time. Amnesia Memories does not work like this though. At the start of the game, Orion will ask you to choose a world to enter. The world that you choose will determine your love interest.

This means that you should be pursuing them! For example, if you choose the Heart World, Shin is your love interest. Although the other characters appear in this route, you will not be able to romance them; they are essentially side characters in this world. Because of this, you shouldn't worry about keeping everyone happy.

Avoid Character Guides On Your First Playthrough

As mentioned above, there are four worlds that you can choose from in Amnesia Memories, with each world having several endings. While it may be tempting to read a guide to guarantee a good ending, we recommend not using a guide on your first playthrough.

This will help you genuinely experience the story without worrying about saying the wrong thing. Who knows, you may even get a good ending!

Save Often

This goes without saying in any video game, but it especially holds true in visual novels that have multiple endings, like Amnesia Memories.

Prior to making a big decision, we recommend saving the game in a new slot. This could be an important turning point in the story that you can go back to.

While it is possible to rewind the dialogue and choose a new answer, saving will let you go back several times.

Check Your Parameters

Parameters are essentially three different conditions that you should keep track of. Below, you can check out each parameter along with a quick description.

AffectionThis will display how romantically close you and the love interest are.
TrustThis will display how much the love interest trusts you.
SuspicionThis will display how suspicious others are that you lost your memory.

Toma's route (Diamond World) will also have a Doubt parameter.

Overall, you should aim for high trust and affection if you want a good ending, as well as a low suspicion level. When you first start in a world, these parameters are predetermined based on the situation, but you can change them based on the choices you make.

Pay Attention To Every Detail

As you speak with your love interest and other side characters, it's important to pay attention to what everyone is saying.

At times, you may come across a decision that involves past conversations, such as directions or cafe orders.

If you are struggling to remember, you can skim through the previous dialogue, but this only works if the choice in question is based on something that happened recently. Just to be safe, try to remember what characters tell you, especially if it's oddly specific.

Play Through A Route More Than Once

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple endings. Because of this, you won't be able to get them all in one go.

Playing through a route more than once will give you the chance to experience multiple endings if you are looking to 100 percent complete the game.

Skipping Already Read Dialogue

Rather than sitting through long conversations, you can skip dialogue that you have previously read! By enabling this fast-forward, you can breeze through conversations.

This fast-forwarding on read dialogue will pause once you come to a choice. From here, you can choose a new response and potentially unlock new dialogue that you haven't experienced yet.

Previously chosen answers will also be highlighted in green. This comes in handy if you are making a choice but don't remember what you picked last time.

Playing Through All Four Main Worlds

To get the full picture, it's important to play through all four worlds. Once all four worlds have been completed at least one time, you will unlock the fifth world. This option will then appear on the world selection screen when Orion asks you to choose a world.

We won't spoil the details of this world, but it is considered to be the 'true' ending of the game.

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