Amouranth Is "Cleaning House" At Her OnlyFans Agency

Amouranth is back in charge, and although she hasn't returned to streaming just yet, she's making moves internally after regaining control of her business from her abusive husband.

Two weeks ago, Amouranth revealed live on stream that she was married and that her husband seemingly controlled her financials. After getting into an argument about simply revealing her relationship status on an October 15 Twitch stream, Amouranth's husband could be heard saying such a reveal would "ruin the business model." Amouranth streams on both Twitch and OnlyFans, where she runs an OnlyFans creator agency called Real Work. Amouranth then broke down on stream before abruptly cutting the feed.

The following day, fellow Twitch creators reported she was away from her husband and with a support network. PeaechJars broke the news of Amouranth's safety, also confirming Alinity had called the police for a welfare check and Pokimane had gotten in touch with Twitch to help Amouranth regain control of her accounts. By October 17, Amouranth returned to say she was back in charge and her husband was away "getting help." She explained the abuse had gone on for years, but local police declined to intervene without any physical harm.

Currently on break, Amouranth tweeted a few days ago that she was "cleaning house" now that she was fully in charge of her business again.

"Been cleaning house and moving forward with an eye towards prioritizing hires that have strong cultural fit and align with my values," wrote Amouranth. "Will be reaching out to Real Work clients + staff today & tomorrow and navigating the path forward! I plan to continue with all of the projects I committed to prior… I think some level of continuity provides a good opportunity to reflect, heal and find my bearings. And figure out the path forward."

Amouranth went on to explain that her "hand-picked" staff will "reflect my renewed priorities and focus" and that she feels "re-energized" after the whole ordeal. No word yet on when Amouranth will return to streaming, but it’s good to hear that she’s safe and getting back to business.

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