Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Do You Need To Water Shrubs?

To celebrate Earth Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can buy all sorts of flowers and shrubs from the seasonal merchant, LeifMost plants in New Horizons don’t technically need watering, but flowers will prosper as long as you give them some TLC. Can the same be said for shrubs? Read below to find out.


Do people still get Monty Python references? Well, regardless, obtaining shrubberies during the Earth Day event should be one of your top priorities. Not only do you get the “Shrubbery Hububbery” achievement for growing these bushes, but you also get bonus Nook Miles for completing eco-friendly activities, such as planting trees and watering flowers.

Although nurturing nature in all its forms is always good to do, it’s important to note that different plants grow in different ways. For example, although shrubs produce flowers when in their season, they don’t require water to grow. They grow more like trees instead. You can simply put them in the ground and wait until they reach maturity.

How To Get Different Shrubs

Every time Leif visits, he brings with him an assortment of different flowers and shrubs. Here is a complete list of the shrubs Leif sells:

  • Pink azaleas
  • White azaleas
  • Pink camellia
  • Red camellia
  • Pink hydrangeas
  • Blue hydrangeas
  • Orange tea olives
  • Yellow tea olives
  • Holly

Since Leif’s stock is random each time he visits, it’s a good idea to buy as many of the shrubs you want while you can.

The Rub With Shrubs

As in previous Animal Crossing games, you can chain your shrubs together to make hedges. However, you can only chain 12 shrubs together at a time. If you want a shrub chain that’s 13 squares long, the final shrub will grow independently of the others.

Fortunately, shrub chains can grow in any direction, so get creative with your upcoming hedge maze. Also, unlike bamboo and trees, each individual shrub only needs one square to grow, so it can thrive in even the most crowded garden.

One final thing to remember about shrubs is that they only flower in their season. Azaleas are the only shrubs flowering in spring, so you’ll have to wait for the next seasons for your other shrubs to show their true colors. In the meantime, bushes make great accent plants!

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