Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Traps Zipper In Barbed Wire (Because They Deserve It)

Some Animal Crossing: New Horizons players don’t take too kindly to Zipper T. Bunny just throwing eggs all over their islands.

One Animal Crossing player decided enough was enough and placed Zipper under citizen’s arrest.

Bunny Day has arrived in the world of New Horizons. This means that a mysterious new character named Zipper T. Bunny will hide eggs all over your island. Find the eggs and you can use them to craft limited-time-only rewards like furniture and outfits.

However, some players don’t appreciate Zipper’s endless zest for eggs–or the littering. On Reddit user HamsteryGoodness’s island, local bylaws prohibit littering under strict penalties, and we see the result of Zipper’s transgressions here.

To be honest, Zipper is probably not getting paid enough to wind up in jail. The last time we checked in with Zipper, it became clear that he’s really just an exhausted employee wearing a bunny suit. And now they’re in a refugee camp. Poor guy.

We still don’t know who’s hiding underneath that suit, but hopefully we’ll find out before the Bunny Day event ends on April 12.

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