ANNO: Mutationem – How To Defeat Mother Grub

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Mother Grub is one of the first bosses you will encounter in ANNO: Mutationem. She introduces you to a boss archetype that you will encounter multiple times throughout the game. While she isn't the hardest boss you will encounter, Mother Grub does hit hard and can swarm you with enemies.

First Mother Grub Boss Battle

When fighting Mother Grub, your primary focus should be on clearing grubs away from the generator. However, you can often do this while hitting Mother Grub. The greatsword is the ideal tool for this job, as you will be able to kill groups of grubs at a time with its wide swings.

Mother Grub has a number of tricks up her sleeve. Thankfully, her attacks are all highly predictable and easy to avoid. During the first phase of the battle, she primarily relies on the attack where she nudges her head into you. She will also reel back and prepare to slam down on top of you (here, she will take the shape of a giant hand). Both of these attacks are slow and allow you to roll past her and do damage while she is trapped in her attack animation.

When Mother Grub opens her mouth, you can throw a grenade for some easy unmitigated damage. This is likely to be the most mileage you ever get out of a grenade.

Once you have gotten Mother Grub down below the half-health mark, she starts to add new attacks to her repertoire. She will start to jump on you, and roll into you. The roll attack will take her to the other end of the screen, which makes it an ideal time to attack any of the grubs that have been grouping up around the generators.

When she is on the edge of death, Mother Grub will start using another attack where she reels back, opens up her mouth, and tries to slam down on you (swallowing you whole). This attack is easily avoidable but does a lot of damage if it hits. Just make sure to roll past her when you see her winding up.


  • The generators have a considerable amount of health, so as long as you are casually clearing the grubs away throughout the battle, you shouldn't have to worry about them too much.
  • Mother Grub's back is frequently vulnerable. When you attack it, use your greatsword, and you will clear away all the smaller grubs in the process of doing damage to her.
  • Use your grenades when she opens her mouth, but if you are all out, that is okay; they are far from being necessary.

Second Mother Grub Boss Battle

Your second encounter with Mother Grub starts off being quite a bit different from the first. In the first phase, Mother Grub will be airborne. She will fire three projectiles at you. If any of them hit, or make contact with the ground, they will erupt into a toxic fog.

Your gameplan should be to destroy the center projectile high up, keeping the middle of the battlefield clear of toxic fumes. You can shoot them, which is highly useful for dispatching the toxic balls of gas high-up. There are also a few grubs wandering around, but they aren't a big deal. Once you have hit her enough to remove her shield, she will slam down to the ground.

Now, Mother Grub will start to fight similarly to how she fought in the first encounter. She is a little quicker here, but most of her moves will be familiar. The only new move will be her rolling slam attack. Here, she rolls either left or right, rolling straight up the wall, and comes crashing down on the opposite end of the screen. Just run toward the side of the screen where she rolled up, and you will avoid the slam attack every time.

After you do enough damage, she will then return to the air. It is the same deal as the beginning of the fight. She may be a little faster, but your game plan should be the same. Clip her in the air with your greatsword, and shoot the poison projectiles high up.

Finally, once you have reduced her shield to nothing yet again, she will return to the ground. In this final form, she will ball up far more often, doing laps around the arena in her ball form. In this phase, the camera pulls back, making it super easy to parry her rolling attack. So, just stand still and parry her each time she rolls around. She'll be done in no time.


  • The parry will absolutely cripple her final attack phase. We can't recommend it enough for this battle.
  • When Mother Grub creates the poison clouds just remember that wherever you hit them is where they are going to stay, so if she is about to be stunned, and she is sitting on a poison cloud, hold off until it dissipates.
  • When Mother Grub is flying low, jump up and hit her with your greatsword. You can also finish by slamming down onto the grubs below. This is a great two birds, one stone approach.

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