Another Speedrunner Just Got The Fastest Possible Time In Super Mario Bros.

A third Super Mario Bros. speedrunner has achieved a time of four minutes and 54 seconds – almost the fastest time that is humanely possible. This comes as the Super Mario Bros. Any% category reaches what is widely considered to be the "human limit", with every possible frame of the game being saved.

At 4:54.948, Nebula_Composer is just milliseconds off Niftski and Miniland in first and second place respectively. The runners are all inching closer to what many believe to be the fastest time possible: 4:54.26. And with another contender reaching the four-minute 54-second milestone, we might not be far off from this historic moment being reached.

Nebula streamed his big win over on Twitch, and shared the final results on his YouTube channel. And like all high-level Super Mario Bros. runs, it's truly a sight to behold. Nebula makes quick work of the levels like they're nothing, effortlessly gliding across and always knowing when to jump. Unsurprisingly, a lot of skips and time-saves are pulled off too, with Nebula making it all look easy.

In the run, Nebula was hyped as soon as he got into level 8-3. As you can see from the timer, only two runs from that day had got there, with previous attempts ending early due to mistakes. For reference, 52 had made it to 8-2, so that's a lot of runs. When he finally bags the personal best, he can't quite believe it. Thanks to all the various tricks he pulled off, he's now one of three players in the world to beat the game in four minutes, 54 seconds.

But now, the race is on to see who can get the time to exactly 4:54.26 – the fastest time possible. Of course, the time could be pushed down again if another big skip is discovered. But given how long SMB speedrunning has gone on for, that's pretty unlikely.

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