As Dusk Falls: Chapter 3 Small Seconds Walkthrough

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As Dusk Falls' third chapter, Small Seconds, is the last chapter set in the Desert Dream Motel, concluding the first half of the game's story. The chapter also includes flashbacks to the Holt's family home, shedding light on events that lead to their eventual robbery.

Once again, this is another potentially deadly chapter for several characters. Choices from last episode can still be felt while your decisions here will bleed into the rest of the game.

Lesser Of Two Evils

This chapter can start a little differently depending on which characters are left in the motel.

If Dale and Joyce are dead, this chapter will start with a confrontation between Tyler and Vince. If an injured Michelle is still in the motel, this chapter will begin with her final moments before she dies, where Vince can choose to reconcile with her or not.

After these events take place, the Holt boys' mother, Sharon, will arrive at the motel. This will lead to the first crossroad choice of the chapter. Vince will have the chance to tell the Holts about the Sheriff's pager and little black book, or side with the cops and keep this information from them.

Keep Pager Secret
  • Later in the chapter, Vince will ask Jay to escort him to the toilet.
  • Here, you have the chance to tell Jay about the black book and convince him to look for it with you.
  • Keeping the pager secret will lead to a fight scene with Tyler at the end of the episode.
  • Siding with the Sheriff will grant you the "Long Arm Of The Law" achievement.
Tell The Holts
  • If you tell the Holts, they'll send you to look for it with Jay later on in the chapter
  • Telling the Holts will lead to a fight scene with the Sherrif at the end of the episode.
  • Siding with the Holts will unlock the "Better The Devil You Know" achievement.

Papi's Watch

After the bus crashes into the motel, the chapter will transition to the Holt's house, one week prior.

This section will start with a QTE involving cutting wood as Jay. After some light banter between the brothers, their father, Bear, will appear. Jay will be able to take the blame/credit for the roof depending on the earlier QTE.

When Sharon asks why Bear is fighting with Tyler, you can choose to change the subject or not. These two choices don't have repercussions outside of dialogue differences.

When Jay goes inside, he's surprised to see a stranger in his house. Thorne, a loan shark, will ask for Bear's watch as a type of early loan payment. Deciding whether or not to give him the watch is the chapter's next crossroad choice:

Give Up The Watch
  • Giving Thorne the watch can lead to the Holts buying time, if Thorne survives the chapter.
Keep The Watch
  • This will initiate a quick-time-event (QTE) where Jay will need to fight Thorne off.
  • It will not be possible to buy the Holts some time.

No matter what you choose, Bear will still kidnap Thorne later in the episode.

Calm Before The Storm

You'll begin this section by looking for Dante's little black book. After crossing the roof and reaching the cars, you need to look between the seats to find the book. Sharon will discover the book no matter what you choose, and ask the Sheriff for a school bus for them and the hostages.

At this point, a conversation will begin with either Michelle or Jim. If you're with Jim and Zoe, this conversation will include Jim, and he'll admit that he's been lying about his brain cancer. Choosing to forgive him or not won't have any consequences for the rest of the episode.

If Michelle is still alive in the motel, this conversation will be about her marriage, where she'll ask Vince about the state of their marriage. Choosing the "We can work at it" dialogue option will unlock the "Second Chances" achievement.

Midnight Drive

This section follows the Holts again, jumping back to the week before.

Bear will wake Jay up in the middle of the night, asking him to drive. After driving into the woods, you eventually find that Bear has apparently killed Thorne and is asking you to help bury him. Whether you refuse or not doesn't matter, since Bear will dig the hole if you do not.

The major crossroad decision in this section comes when Thorne wakes up gasping. At this point, Bear will tell you to finish it and bury Thorne alive.

Bury Thorne
  • Choosing this option sees Jay finishing the job and murdering Thorne.
  • This option will unlock the "Buried Alive" achievement.
Refuse And Win Fight
  • If you refuse Bear, he'll try to grab the shovel for himself. If you succeed in the QTE you'll buy Thorne enough time to escape. This will unlock the "Resurrection" achievement.
  • If Jay also gave Thorne the watch, Jay will have bought the Holts time by the end of the chapter.
Refuse And Lose Fight
  • If you refuse Bear, he'll try to grab the shovel for himself. If you fail the QTE, Bear will overpower you and kill Thorne.
  • Thorne dying will mean the Holts remain in trouble by the end of the chapter.

Bear's Goodbye

This scene depicts content relating to suicide; there's an option to skip this scene at the start of the chapter.

When you get home with Bear, he'll offer you a beer, which you can accept or not. Jay will go inside alone, finding an apology letter from Bear, telling the family to use his life insurance for the debt. Jay will run outside and find Bear attempting suicide, with the option to help him or leave him.

Help Bear
  • Bear will survive but spend the rest of the game hospitalized.
Leave Bear
  • Bear will die and Sharon will remark that his life insurance doesn't cover suicide anyway.

Trojan Bus

The chapter will transition back to the Desert Dream Motel one last time.

A shootout between the cops and the Holts will ensue after the bus crash. If Dale is still alive, he'll soon be shot and killed in this scene. Vince can be left with a combination of characters including Joyce, Jim, Michelle and Zoe. If Michelle is still in the motel, she'll get stuck under the bus. You can save her alone or with Joyce — but if you fail the QTE, Michelle will also die.

The bus will explode, leaving the motel on fire. Vince will help the survivors out from upstairs, before being separated and escaping through the back of the motel. If you chose to tell the Holts about the pager, the Sheriff will confront you alone. If you hid the pager from them, Tyler will be the one to confront you. A fight scene will trigger, leading to several outcomes.

Win Against Sheriff
  • If you successfully complete the QTE, Vince will electrocute the Sheriff until he passes out.
  • Vince will walk outside and find Sharon and Tyler holding Zoe hostage. You can choose to point your gun at the Holts, but Jay will hold you at gunpoint from behind anyway.
  • If you choose to not drop the gun, Jay will shoot and wound Vince. If you choose to drop it, Vince will live.
Lose Against Sheriff
  • Losing the QTE to Dante will lead to the Sheriff electrocuting Vince to death.
Win Against Tyler
  • Completing the QTE against Tyler leads to Jay holding you at gunpoint to save his brother.
  • If Jay and Vince have bonded, he'll choose to not shoot Vince. If not he'll attempt to shoot before being interrupted by Sharon.
Lose Against Tyler
  • If you lose the fight against Tyler, Jay will still interrupt by the end.
  • If Vince has bonded with Jay, he'll choose to save Vince. Otherwise, Tyler will drown Vince in the pool.

Vince Or Zoe?

If Vince dies, Zoe will automatically be taken by the Holts regardless of whether she was handed to the police before. Zoe being taken by the Holts will unlock the "She's Coming With Us" achievement.

If Vince lives, he'll be able to convince the Holts to take him as a hostage instead of Zoe — as long as Jay didn't shoot and wound Vince in the stand-off.

"I'll kill you."
  • The Holts will shoot you in the leg and leave with Zoe.
  • The "She's Coming With Us" achievement can also be unlocked this way.
"I can help you."
  • Pleading with them in this way will convince them to swap Zoe for Vince, and it'll unlock the "Take Me Instead" achievement.

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