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As Dusk Falls' final episode, Cascade, wraps up many of the game's plotlines, while leaving the door open to future installments or DLC. As with every chapter, the finale is split between Jay's final hours on the run, and Zoe dealing with the consequences, years in the future.

Zoe's half of the episode mainly deals with the consequences of previous chapters, so many of her scenes are light on major decisions. Jay's half of the chapter can vary quite drastically depending on your actions, so make sure you're prepared before making crucial choices.


The last chapter of the game begins with Zoe as a young adult, attempting to hold her breath in the swimming pools again. If Vince and Michelle lived through the events of the Desert Dream Massacre, then Zoe will currently be at college. If either Vince or Michelle died – or if they both died – then Zoe will instead have a job at the deli. She eventually sees a mysterious figure watching her before the scene cuts back to the past, with Jay on the run.

If Jay and Vanessa decided to part ways in Chapter 5, then Jay's scene will begin with him dropping her off in Idaho. Otherwise, she'll be in the car for the following events. Eventually, you'll reach a roadblock with an officer stopping cars. He'll ask you where you're coming from and if he can see your documents. Your replies to his questions are irrelevant since it's your next response that will dictate the scenario.

The officer will soon read out your number plate into his walkie-talkie. At this point, you'll have the opportunity to wait for him or to quickly drive off.

Wait For Him
  • If you wait for the cop, he'll come back saying there was a fault in the database and he couldn't verify the car. He allows Jay, and potentially, Vanessa to pass through anyway.
  • If you're with Vanessa, you will be pursued by the cops later on, even if you avoided suspicion here.
  • If Jay is alone, he'll encounter a forest ranger later on, instead of the cops.
Drive Away
  • Jay will drive his car past the officer, making him contact the authorities. If you're with Vanessa, you'll encounter the cops either way.
  • If Jay and Vanessa's relationship is still heated from Chapter 5 (i.e. if you attacked Todd and stayed friends with Vanessa), then Vanessa could potentially leave Jay after this.
  • If Jay is alone, then he'll encounter the cops later on, rather than the park ranger.

Jim's Theories

The game then cuts back to Zoe as she calls a member of the family. Who she calls depends on who's alive. If Vince is still alive, Zoe will talk to him. If Vince is dead and Michelle is alive, this conversation will be with her. If Vince and Michelle died in the Deser Dream Massacre, then Zoe will have a phone call with Jim.

Zoe will wake up a little later, looking for her pills. Check the desk, then check the kitchen cupboard. Once done, Zoe will realize she's dreaming again, before waking up for good and hearing a noise outside the door. You can go out into the hallway or stay inside, but this decision is inconsequential.

Later on in this section, Zoe will go to Jim's apartment and find that he's been accused of breaking into his own house. Jim is convinced someone else broke in while he went for a walk. You have the opportunity to search Jim's apartment for information. If you rummage through, you can find his tablet, his medicine, and the wallet he said was stolen. After talking for a bit Zoe will spot a shadowy figure watching her through the window and this will trigger a chase scene. Even if you successfully complete the QTE and catch up to the figure, you learn that it's just a random woman wearing a black coat.

Crossing The Border

The game will then take us back to Jay's perspective for the very last time as he hikes through the wilderness, with or without Vanessa. Depending on your previous actions, you'll encounter either the cops, the cops and Vanessa's father, or a park ranger. Here's how each scene can play out:

Pursued by the Cops and Mr. Dorland
  • If you're still with Vanessa, you'll be pursued by the cops and her father, no matter what you chose previously.
  • A confrontation soon leads to another chase scene that includes a series of QTEs. Failing certain button prompts can lead to either Vanessa or Jay being caught and arrested. If Jay is caught at any point, this section ends. Getting caught unlocks the 'Almost Made It' achievement.
  • If you pass every QTE, Jay and Vanessa will make it until you reach a waterfall. You can choose to jump with Vanessa or jump without her. Escaping to Canada unlocks the 'Into the Wild' achievement.
Pursued by Cops
  • If Jay is alone and you ran from the officer at the checkpoint, then you'll be pursued by the cops. This time you have the option of surrendering.
  • If you choose not to surrender, another chase scene will occur. Failing too many button prompts will lead to Jay's arrest, unlocking the 'Almost Made It' achievement.
  • Successfully running away from the cops and making it into Canada will unlock the 'Into the Wild' achievement.
Pursued by Park Ranger
  • If you waited for the officer at the checkpoint, and Jay is alone, you won't be pursued by anyone, but you will be stopped by a park ranger.
  • You can choose to surrender or run from the park ranger. The park ranger will choose to let Jay go if you surrender and have been playing peacefully the entire game – not choosing to shoot or hurt anyone. Otherwise, he'll arrest you and take you in.
  • If you choose to run, another QTE section will begin. Failing too many button prompts will lead to Jay's arrest. Otherwise, he'll escape to Canada.

The Finale

The final scene of As Dusk Falls sees us return to Zoe's perspective in the present as she visits Jay. If Jay had been arrested, she'll visit him in prison on the day of his execution. If Jay managed to escape, Zoe will track him down to a cabin in Canada where he lives alone, even if he escaped with Vanessa.

If you visit Jay in prison, you'll eventually reach a crossroad choice to stay mad at him or forgive him. Either way, it doesn't matter much, since you'll immediately be faced with another crossroad choice: to stay for his execution or leave.

Witness Jay's Execution
  • Zoe will stay to watch Jay's execution.
  • If Jay hasn't attacked or killed anyone throughout the game, his execution will be called off at the last minute, also unlocking the 'Stay of Execution' achievement.
  • If Jay confessed to Bradley, shot the cop, or attacked Todd, his chances of actually being executed go up.
  • Zoe will leave the prison before Jay's execution and the epilogue will play.
  • You'll unlock the 'Enough Is Enough' achievement.

Cabin Life

If Jay avoided arrest earlier on, then Zoe will visit him in his cabin. This time the decision to stay angry at Jay leads to different decisions.

Stay Angry
  • Staying angry at Jay will lead to two alternate decisions: choosing to turn Jay into the police or leaving him there.
  • Choosing to call the police unlocks the 'Most Wanted' achievement.
Forgive Him
  • Forgiving him leads to a heartfelt conversation between the two of them.
  • If you successfully comfort Jay, by telling him that he's not a broken person, Zoe will stay for dinner and you'll unlock the 'Breaking Bread' achievement.

The game will then go through an epilogue, highlighting the fates of every major character.

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