As Dusk Falls: How To Unlock Every Ending

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As Dusk Falls is the 2022 interactive crime drama from studio Interior Night. It's a stylized, multi-chapter experience, with several playable protagonists and a large cast of characters surrounding them.

The game has alternate routes for many of its characters, which means that your ending will contain a combination of individual fates summed up in a montage. This is all based on the choices you make across the six chapters for the three main protagonists, Zoe, Vince, and Jay, and your choices as some other secondary characters (Ash and Paul).

Zoe's Endings

The closest thing to a direct ending in As Dusk Falls is how the relationship between Zoe and Jay resolves. Since Zoe is the game's framing character, her choices only come into play as she decides what to do about the letters Jay has been sending her from where he has ended up.

Depending on whether Jay escapes, or is arrested, he will be in Canada or on death row. In both situations, Jay will ask Zoe if she hates him and Zoe can either say that she doesn't hate him, or become angry at his family.

If Jay escaped to Canada, Zoe will travel up to meet him at his log cabin:

  • If she doesn't hate him, she can comfort Jay by saying he's not messed up, and they will share a meal, or tell him that everyone is messed up, and then leave Canada.
  • If she is angry at him, she can either turn him in to the police, and he will be arrested, or ultimately forgive him, and they will hug.

If Jay was arrested and sentenced to execution, Zoe will travel to visit him on death row:

  • If she doesn't hate him, he will ask her to witness his execution as a friend, she can either agree to be that friend, or leave.
  • If she is angry at him, he will still ask her to witness the execution, to which she can refuse or stay and see through the anger.

Jay's Fates

Jay can either escape to Canada, or end up being arrested. The way he does this and where he goes afterwards varies, but here are the fates this leads to:

  • Jay stays in Canada.
  • Jay is arrested in Canada.
  • Jay disappears in Canada – This requires Jay to kill people, be forgiven by Zoe, but not comforted.
  • Jay is executed.
  • Jay is given stay of execution – This requires that Jay not hurt anyone before his arrest.

If Vanessa stays with Jay up to the border and jumps into the water with him, Jay will tell Zoe she stayed in Canada for several years, before deciding to return to America.

Vince And Michelle's Fates

Vince and Michelle, Zoe's parents, have a variety of fates based on these key moments in the first book:

  • Whether they survive the night in the motel – This can lead to one or both of them dying.
  • How Vince reacts to Michelle's affair – This can lead to either staying married, or getting divorced, with Michelle getting engaged to another person.
  • Whether Vince sues the airline or accepts a settlement. – This can lead to Vince winning the suit and opening a flight school, or taking a settlement and getting an office job.

These are all decisions made in the first three chapters. If they survive, stay together and Vince sues the airline, they will be seen at the end celebrating Vince opening a flight school together.

Tyler's Fates

Tyler, the oldest of the Holt boys, will have his fate decided in chapter four after fighting with Jay:

  • Escape and become a fugitive, working on oil rigs.
  • Arrested and imprisoned – If Jay allows him to fall from the tree or if the police know about the cabin and Jay surrenders or abandons them.
  • Die during the attempt to flee the police raid.

The police will find out about the cabin if Ash informs them of it during his escape from the forest earlier in the chapter.

Sharon's Fates

Sharon Holt will manage to escape the cabin in chapter four, ending up in Paul's caravan, and can then either:

  • Escape the country without Paul.
  • Escape the country with Paul.
  • End up arrested by Dante.

This depends on how you act as Paul in chapter five, and whether you manage to hide traces of Sharon, if you help her out, or you help Dante by turning her over.

The End?

Whichever way the game goes, Zoe sees this as a conclusion of her story with Jay.

On the way home, Zoe will receive a voicemail from her grandfather and then go to see him. As she approaches his apartment, however, she will see it has been broken into. She then hears a gunshot and is barged out of the way by an escaping stranger. When she enters the apartment to see… credits roll.

This cliffhanger will potentially lead us into another book in this story.

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