Ash Ketchum To Battle A New Gym Leader Not From Pokémon Sword & Shield

Ash Ketchum will be entering uncertain waters in the latest episode of the Pokémon anime, as he will be battling a Gym Leader who has never appeared in any of the video games.

The current season of the Pokémon anime has gone in a strange direction, with Ash traveling to numerous different regions alongside a new companion named Go. Ash is currently competing in The Pokémon World Championships, where he needs to reach the top eight spot among a thousand competitors in order to have a shot against Leon, the Champion of the Galar region. Ash has already caught a Dragonite and Gengar this season and his Pikachu has a Gigantamax form, suggesting that he will have a powerhouse of a team when he reaches the top eight.

Pokémon Pisces Cover

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The preview for the next episode of the anime has been released (courtesy of @Kirari_star on Twitter) and it seems that Ash will be battling the new leader of the Vermillion City Gym. This new Gym Leader appears to be a completely different character to Lt. Surge, even though he uses a Raichu and Electrode in battle.

The new Gym Leader’s name is Pisces, but nothing is known about his character (or the fate of Lt. Surge) as of the time of writing. The battle against Pisces will involve a Double Battle, with Ash using Gengar and Pikachu against Pisces’ Electrode and Raichu.

It really is starting to feel as if Ash Ketchum’s story is wrapping up after all of this time. Once he conquered the Alola region, it seemed as if Ash’s story could have ended there, but it seems that the writers want his story to end with a bang, possibly leading into Go becoming the main character of the show. Ash’s journey to becoming the World Champion has begun, with Leon sitting at the end of the path. The players of Pokémon Sword & Shield might have been able to conquer the Galar region, but Ash Ketchum has to take on the world, and the fans who have been with him since the late ’90s might finally see him accomplish his dreams.

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