Asmongold Documents Trip To Ravaged Walmart, Can’t Find Toilet Paper

Asmongold ventured forth into the virus-stricken world to some grab supplies from Walmart, only to find that the superstore had already been ravaged by the general public. In a short vlog that the Twitch streamer uploaded to Twitter, he sought to discover the truth behind the the rumors – are stores really struggling that bad?

Turns out, yes. Asmongold strolled through his local Walmart, providing commentary on the supply-levels of certain items. When he got to the toilet paper section, he broke out into laughter – it was all sold-out. Imitating the previous doomsday shoppers, he mocked, “‘Yeah we might die from a virus, but we gonna be able to wipe our ass on the way to the grave.'”

If the real world is anything like some players in VR, toilet paper hoarding has been taken to new extremes. Gamers are adapting to the virus left and right, inventing some creative solutions to the chaos it caused.

Asmongold has been having a field day with COVID-19 memes, releasing a YouTube video the day after his Walmart trip entitled, “Advanced Social Distancing Survival Guide from a 10+ year NEET.” For those unfamiliar with the acronym NEET, it stands for “Not in Education, Employment or Training.”

The video is delivered straight-faced, yet riddled with self-deprecating humor. He actually strikes an impressive balance between self-awareness and comedy.

Asmongold’s guide was broken down into a set of 8 golden rules:

  1. Don’t Leave The House Or Answer The Door
  2. Play Video Games
  3. Don’t Get Uber Eats
  4. Don’t Shower
  5. Look Like Shit
  6. Never Answer Phone Calls
  7. Respond To Texts Between 24-72 Hours After
  8. Sex Can Wait, Masturbate

The guide was birthed from the interested generated by his initial tweet from a few days prior.

Asmon has really fallen into his own lately, mixing up his content and looking much happier. He is among the many who, at the very least, appear to be unaffected by the impact COVID-19 has had on social events. Aside from dealing with esports cancellations, online service outages, and conference postponements – it seems that gamers are still largely in their element. Jokes aside, hopefully showering and hand-washing is still a priority for everyone.

Sources: Twitter, YouTube

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