Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: 10 Best Spots For Fishing

There are 19 types of fish in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and only a true fisherman will be able to catch them all. The first step is to build the Fisherman’s hut in Raventhorpe as this will grant you access to this ability. It will open up more opportunities for access to tattoos, runes, and other unique rewards as you trade fish for these items.

Luckily, there are some locations that are amazing for fishing so you don’t have to travel to ten different places to catch them all. The game even includes some pamphlets you can purchase called Fantastic Fish and Where to Find Them for those looking to have this information on hand during the game. Keep reading to learn about the best places to fish and what you will catch at each location!

10 Rygjafylke and Hordafylke (Norway)

This is a two for one as all of the fish found in Norway can be caught at both of these locations. The fish that players can catch here include Arctic Char, Hake, Mackeral, and Redfish. It is as easy as heading to the coast and casting a line, but heading to locations where you can fast travel to your longship, something all pro players do, tends to yield the best results.

9 Suthsexe

Suthsexe is located in England at the southern portion of the map in the middle of Wessex. The fish that can be caught here are Burbot, Flatfish, Grey Trout, Pollock, Sturgeon, and Bream. You will fish along the river and the best bet to find the fish you want is to use your focus to identify them before casting your line to answer the question of what lies beneath the water’s surface.

8 Sciropescire

The fish at this location are Brown Trout, Bullhead, Burbot, Eel, and Perch. Sciropescire is located to the left of Ledescestersire and there are two lakes located in this area that are perfect for fishing. It is best to take a small boat onto them as the deeper the water, the more fish you are bound to find. You might need to make your way through the story before entering this area, but it is well worth the wait.

7 Grantebridgescire

Grantebridgescire is one of the first areas you can open on the map and it can be found just south of your Raventhorpe settlement. Shad, Bullhead, Eel, Halibut, and Perch are the fish you can catch at this location.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is an offering altar located here that asks for a donation of ten Bullheads. If you head to the water’s edge closest to this altar then you are sure to find large numbers of these fish for both the altar and to drop off at the Fishing Hut.

6 Essexe

Essexe is located south of Grantedbridgescire and is attached to both the coast and a few rivers. You are able to catch Bream, Cod, and Flatfish off the coast, while Grey Trout and Polluck can be found in the rivers at this location. If you want to catch them all then taking a boat in a loop through the rivers and down the coastline is sure to help you accomplish this goal.

5 Hamtunscire

Hamtunscire is another location with dual waters, as well as a few inland lakes that can be fished as well. It is located left of Suthsexe and south of Oxenfordschire and it will take some time before your power is high enough to enter this area despite its hype. The fish that can be caught here are Flatfish, Sturgeon, and Bream off the coast and Grey Trout, Pollock, Sturgeon, and Burbot in the rivers.

4 Eurvicscire

Eurviscire is located at the very top of the map with Lincolnscire on its right and Snotinghamscire on its left. It has both rivers and a coast making it the perfect place to search for a wide variety of fish.

The rivers hold Brown Trout, Bullhead, Perch, and Salmon, while the coast has Haddock, Halibut, and Shad. You could potentially knock seven fish off of your list just by traversing the waterways of Eurviscire.

3 Lincolnscire

It was just mentioned how Lincolnescire is at the top of the map to the right of Eurviscire. This location has rivers, coast, and even a few inland lakes scattered about that are perfect for making big catches. You can find Salmon, Brown Trout, Bullhead, and Perch in the rivers at this location, and you will have to head to the coast if you want to catch Haddock or Halibut.

2 Cent

The coastline of Cent is filled with Bream, Cod, Flatfish, and Sturgeon, while the rivers are just as plentiful with Burbot, Grey Trout, Pollock, and more Sturgeon. You can find Cent at the bottom right-hand corner of the map, so it could take some time before you are able to fish this location. However, it will be well worth the wait as the waters are teeming with fish and it won’t take long for you to catch them all.

1 East Anglia

East Anglia is one of the first areas you are able to enter, as players are only required to have a power of 55. It is on the far right side of the map and is mainly coastline, with a few rivers scattered here and there. You will easily find Bullhead, Eel, and Perch in the rivers, while the coastline is overflowing with Cod, Haddock, Halibut, and Shad.

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