Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Complete Each Fly Agaric

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla contains many mysteries for you to solve, but one that players often struggle with is the Fly Agaric. It has Eivor eating a strange mushroom that alters her perception of the world. She is tasked with solving a puzzle based on the clues around her, and they are often more difficult than they first appear.

There are a total of 15 Fly Agarics throughout the entire game, and they grow harder as the game progresses. You could use the process of elimination to solve them, or you can just look at this guide to find the solution!


  • Location: South of Deserted Chalet

Locate the note in front of the three statues and read its instructions. You will need to match the gates to the statues, and the order is Thor, Odin, Freyja. They are in order in front of where you picked up the note, and the same statues are standing by each one of the gates. If you are still stuck the pattern is left, right, then middle.


  • Location: Southeast of the Isle of Ely Monastery

This Fly Agaric entails lighting the correct braziers, or turning the flame blue, in order to open up the gate. There are five in all but only three need to be lit. The trick to the puzzle is that there are doorways lined up with three of the braziers in the distance. However, if you are looking at the gate and go clockwise, you want to have the first, third, and fourth braziers lit.


  • Location: Northwest of Bardon Lookout

This is one of the easiest Fly Agarics to complete as all you have to do is follow the seal to each of the gates. Even if you miss where he is going, he will sit directly in front of the gate once he reaches it. Just follows its lead and this challenge will be a breeze, unlike some of the hardest bosses.

East Anglia

  • Location: North of Brisleah Farm

This mystery will put you through a series of gates and you must choose the right one. The first gate will be all the way to the right with statues of Odin around it. The second gate can be reached by climbing the stones, then it will be the gate all the way to the right and adorned with shields. The final gate is in the center and it has flowers in front of it.


  • Location: Southeast of Evesham Abbey

The key to this Fly Agaric is the number of crosses in front of each of the gates. There are five gates in all and the number of crosses in front of them corresponds to the order in which the gate needs to be entered. You should start at the gate with one cross, and end at the gate with five crosses, then you will earn a skill point that you can spend to increase your power.


  • Location: South of Wenlocan Abbey

You will need to light the braziers to turn them blue if you want to open this gate, and the braziers you need to light are surrounded by rocks. If you are looking out from the gate and head clockwise, you need to light the first, third, and fourth braziers to open the gate.


  • Location: East of Cicestre Abbey

This Fly Agaric puts your combat skills to use as you fight off wolves, bears, and even a few of the Jotnar. Once you kill them all the challenge is over.


  • Location: North of Santlache Mine

If you want to solve this one the old fashioned way then you need to run to the top of the stone pathway that extends into the sky. You will see various objects depicting each on of the gates, and the order they are in on this platform is the order you need to enter through them. If this doesn’t sound appealing then the sequence is fish, fire, nature, then birds.


  • Location: Northeast of Halstead Outpost

This is another mystery where you must light the correct braziers to open up the gate. If you are looking out from the gate and heading clockwise, you want the first, fourth, and fifth braziers to be turned blue.


  • Location: North of the Temple of Pluto

You don’t want to be making any combat mistakes for this Fly Agaric as you will be attacked by multiple bears at once. All you have to do is kill them all to complete this mystery, so make sure you have enough rations to survive the fight.


  • Location: Southwest of Dobby’s Altar

If you were looking to use your best weapon, then you’re in luck, as this Fly Agaric has you battling both wolves and Norse boars. Once they are all dead then the mystery is over and you can move onto the next one.


  • Location: Northwest of Druid’s Cottage

If you look at the back of the ship there is a flag that serves as the hint to which braziers need to be turned to blue. It can be hard to see so the ones that need to be lit from left to right are the second, third, fourth, and sixth braziers.


  • Location: West of the Berserker’s House

A few of the Jotnar will show up at this Fly Agaric and you are tasked with killing them all. It is a bit more difficult due to their size and strength, but itis far from impossible.


  • Location: Egbert’s Stone

The Fly Agaric in Hamtunscire requires you to face even more foes in battle. You will face two Jotnar archers, a boar, and a Jotnar wielding a spear, but it isn’t anything worse then what you have already seen if you have completed most of the other Fly Agarics.


  • Location: The island to the west of Ulriken Peak

The final Fly Agaric you will probably encounter, as long as you are doing them as you pass them during the various storylines. You will once again be facing the Jotnar from Jotunheim, and make sure to bring extra healing for this fight due to the power of each of the foes you face.

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