Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Post Launch And Season Pass Content Outlined In New Trailer

Ubisoft has big plans for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, including a post-launch season pass that comes with two massive expansions and a bonus quest. Even if you don’t pick up the season pass you’ll still benefit from seasonal updates that bring new content to the world of Valhalla.

The first expansion coming to the game is Wrath of the Druids, releasing in Spring 2021. It will take you to Ireland as you try to solve ancient mysteries regarding an elusive Druid cult. You’ll be hunting down members of this demonic organization and exploring a world that is noticeably darker than the base game.

Then in the Summer of 2021 you can get your hands on The Siege of Paris, letting you experience replayable activities that take place during one of the most well-known events in Viking history. It sounds like there might be more sneaking around with this expansion, as you “try to conquer Paris from within.”

These are both part of the Season Pass – included with the Gold and Ultimate Editions of Valhalla. Also included with the Season Pass is the Legend of Beowulf quest, which will be available on launch day. This mission will see you uncovering the truth behind the iconic Beowulf – a truth that Ubisoft claimed to be “monstrous.”

If you’re not keen on buying the season pass, you’ll still be able to take advantage of all the free seasonal content available for Valhalla well into 2021. These updates will include new story content, special events, and each season will last for three months.

The first season is planned to begin this December and will add the following:

  • New settlement area for player development
  • The Yule Festival event available at settlements
  • River Raids game mode
  • An update to the Jomsviking feature
  • New skill, abilities, weapons, and gear

Season 2 will follow in March 2021, along with a planned Season 3 and 4 – although more detail on those are yet to be revealed.

It seems that Ubisoft is betting on a long shelf life for Valhalla, and we’re excited to go hands-on with the full version when it releases on November 10.

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