Aydan Kicked And Permanently Banned From Warzone Mid-Tournament

Streamer Aydan was kicked from a Warzone tournament and permanently banned this week, but it’s still unclear as to why.

Warzone celebrated its first anniversary this year and although it has been a mostly successful year for the Call of Duty BR spin-off, the game has had its problems. Most of those problems have revolved around trying to eradicate Warzone of cheaters. Raven Software revealed it rolled out new anti-cheat software on Tuesday, and popular streamer Aydan seems to have been caught up in it.

Aydan was mid-tournament and mid-stream on Tuesday when he was unexpectedly kicked from a Warzone match. Things went from bad to worse for the streamer when he was met with a message from Activision revealing he had been permanently banned from Warzone. Their only option at that point was “return to desktop” at which point Aydan resorted to playing chess and then Fortnite, streaming the entire saga.

What remains unclear is why exactly Aydan was one of the latest Warzone players to be slapped with a ban. Aydan has one million subscribers on YouTube, and twice that number on Twitch, so it seems unlikely that they would be cheating with so many people watching, or without a large chunk of those people suspecting he is up to something.

It is possible that Aydan has been banned by accident. During Warzone’s last wave of bans, during which 60,000 players bit the dust, there were reports that some of those players were banned by mistake. Perhaps Raven has done that again, but this time, it has inadvertently taken down one of its most popular and influential streamers. On the bright side for Aydan, if this was a mistake, he has such a large following that it shouldn’t take long for the mishap to be reversed.

Even though it seems unlikely that Aydan has been cheating, the streamer did raise the ire of some Warzone fans recently via an impressive world record. Aydan and three other seasoned Warzone players racked up an eye-watering 162 kills in a single match, setting a world record that might never be broken. However, the squad did so in a bronze lobby which meant the players they shared Verdansk with were far less skilled than they were.

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