Battlefield 2042 Glitch Is Causing Players To Grapple Into Smoke And Even Tornadoes

Players of Battlefield 2042 have discovered various glitches, quirks, and bugs since the game launched. There have been almost too many to count and players have not shied away from making their concerns known. It is one of the worst-ever reviewed games on Steam. Over on Twitter, one of the game's lead developers has been addressing player complaints, while the studio, DICE, has set up a dedicated account to communicate upcoming changes and the latest issues, so fans are aware of the most recent updates.

Meanwhile, the internet has been feasting on glitches, with some comparing the rough state of Battlefield 2042 to Cyberpunk 2077, which was also notorious for its many immersion-breaking bugs. One such bug, which can have a major impact on gameplay, was the fact players could fly into buildings with helicopters. First reported by VG247, players found that some buildings in the game do not have collision boxes. In effect, this means the buildings aren't like real objects and players can pass through them as if they were air. On maps such as Hourglass, and some of the tall buildings in Kaleidoscope, the skyscrapers are hollow and of course some players use this to their benefit, hiding themselves and their aircraft.

Another somewhat aerial glitch that's been discovered has seen players pulled into the air. Specialist MacKay's grapple gun has been a favourite of many, allowing for fun and creative uses, but fans discovered extra special 'powers' of this gun. A Reddit user, JedJungle, posted a video of themselves grappling onto smoke. The video shows the player throwing a smoke bomb that duly bursts into a cloud of smoke which the player then shoots the grappling hook into, and it somehow attaches to the smoke and pulls them forward. Who knew smoke could be so grappley?

An even funnier glitch was one posted by EKubus on Youtube, where he somehow managed to grapple onto a far away tornado. Seemingly playing on the PS5 version of Battlefield 2042, the video shows the player being pulled by the distant dynamic weather event, but unfortunately EKubus could not come close to the tornado as he was killed by leaving the game's map area. It's a real twister of a glitch.

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