Battlefield Survey Hints At Free-To-Play Elements

A recent Battlefield survey has provided some pretty big hints towards the future of the series, indicating that it might have some free-to-play elements.

With Battlefield 6 coming out sometime this year, it appears that EA is starting to push the game forward a bit. A Battlefield survey has been shared by YouTuber Lossy, and some of the contents within are a big hint towards the future of the series.

The biggest thing to analyse from the survey is the question regarding a free-to-play mode. This is a big hint towards Battlefield having its own equivalent of the massively popular Call of Duty: Warzone. Considering that game’s success, this should be no surprise.

Continuing on with that free-to-play theme, the survey asks about the inclusion of things like battle passes and updates to an existing map. Once again, these features seem to be aping what Warzone is currently doing which in itself was trying to do what Fortnite popularised. The last Battlefield game, Battlefield 5, missed out on the battle pass craze when it launched, meaning EA is probably pretty keen to jump on the bandwagon.

The rest of the survey is filled with general questions about Battlefield, and some hints towards the Platoons system returning. The big takeaway from this survey is that Battlefield is almost definitely heading the way of Warzone and offering a free-to-play model alongside the yearly release.

Even the existence of this market survey can be taken as a good sign of impending Battlefield news. It’s likely that the contents of the survey have been decided long ago, so the purpose of it is more to see how consumers are going to react to each element.

Whereas Battlefield 6 has been confirmed to return to a modern setting this year, it seems like this year’s Call of Duty will be going back to World War 2, which means that first-person shooter fans will have a pretty unique choice to make this year. If you’re choosing to stick with Warzone, you might want to know that the zombies are currently heading towards the bank, and it’s probably not to make a deposit.

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