Best of the banter – Supercars on the speedway

Check out some of our favourite bits of banter between the Supercars aces, and special guest Lando Norris, from the seventh round of the category’s Eseries.

Once again, a variety of Twitch streams and the central radio channel linking all drivers provided some brilliant behind-the-scenes insight into the official virtual Supercars series.

Here are some of our highlights.

Scott McLaughlin takes a ‘monster’ swipe at an unnamed Tickford driver after a practice run-in.

Richard Harris: “You just got sandwiched by the Tickford gang.”
SM: “Yeah, I mean, you know… as you can see it’s quite hard to go side-by-side with one Tickford driver because his head is up his own arse.”

Nick Percat lets the the generosity of giving out free tows in qualifying at Charlotte go to his head.

Garry Jacobson: “Thanks Nick. Top bloke. First tower.”
NP: “Someone had to bloody do it… I could also ruin the whole f**king lot of you if I want.”

McLaughlin, sitting down in 19th place, wasn’t too impressed with the traffic during Charlotte qualifying.

“What is with these c**kheads that are just coming out and spraying into the fricking race line?”

Waters checks up his mate McLaughlin in pre-qualifying practice at Daytona.

CW: “Sorry bro, hand brake came on.”
SM: “Nice mate, nice. Class.”

McLaughlin again, this time after not getting a final run in during Daytona qualifying.

“F**king hell. Like, what’s all that? Holdsworth is starting a lap on the back oval… It’s actually unbelievable that these are professional drivers, to be honest.”

McLaughlin saved his best work, though, for Jack Smith, following a run-in on the first lap of the Charlotte race.

“That d**khead, I tell you. That Jack Smith is an absolute tool bag. Just a rich boy who can’t drive, legit.”

And then after taking his stop…

“As soon as I get near Jack Smith he’s going around. Like, going around. Like in the fence, hard. If he doesn’t get a penalty for that, then we’ll put him in the fence.”

Lando Norris realises the second race has started without him.

“I missed the start! I could only just join. Because of my fricking internet. Can’t you give me fricking five more seconds?! What a game.”

Fabian Coulthard and Bryce Fullwood disagree over a Race 2 scuffle, which also included Mark Winterbottom and ‘Captain Netcode’ Norris.

BF: “Second time, man.”
FC: “Captain Netcode, bro.”
BF: “He’s on the other side of you mate.”
FC: “I’ll line you up properly if you want… just say yes or no, bro.”
BF: “Look at the replay before you say anything dude.”

Percat unimpressed with some hard defending from Jake Kostecki – which ultimately led to some panel-rubbing at the bus stop.

“Mate you can’t keep swapping lanes. What are you doing, dude? Nah you’re a f**kwit.”

Norris tries his best to pass an engine failure off as a mystery. Spotter Dayne Warren doesn’t buy it.

LN: “I blew my engine. Interesting. I’m out, I can’t even … ”
DW: “Did you shift too early?”
LN: “I must have done…”

Nick Percat cops an on-track whack from Jamie Whincup one minute, and a verbal one from Alex Davison the next.

AD: “What? Nick. Jesus mate. What are you doing?”
NP: “Getting wiped out by all of your mates.”
AD: “Just because you’ve got the s**ts, Nick, you don’t have to drive into someone else.”
NP: “Mate my thing was still crashing from Whincup driving over me.”
AD: “Yeah okay.”
NP: “When is one time I’ve ever wiped our anyone deliberately? F**king hell.”
AD: “It’s all good, relax.”
NP: “I’ve been wiped out by the GOAT more times tonight than I have ever.”

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