Borderlands 3’s Next DLC Invites Eldritch Horrors To A Gay Wedding

Gaige returns, Lovecraftian themes, and a gay wedding are all coming in Borderlands 3’s next DLC.

PAX East 2020 is in full swing, and Borderlands fans got a full serving of Borderlands 3 bombshells. We got a Spring roadmap, we got a Steam release, and best of all, we got a second DLC to eagerly await.

It’s called Guns, Love, and Tentacles, and right off the bat, we find out that Sir Alistair Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs are getting married! These two lovebirds were central figures during part of the story to Borderlands 3, and we’re over the moon that they’re finally tying the knot!

Actually, we’re literally over the moon and heading to a new planet. The engagement party takes place on an all-new floating rock, Xylourgos. If the name sounds a little Lovecraftian, then the cultists spewing eldritch magic and tentacle-waving wolvens are a dead give away. We’re expecting Cthulu to be the big bad at the end of the DLC.

There are a few notable things happening in this DLC besides the gay wedding. First, Gaige is back, and Borderlands fans are going nuts. Gaige is apparently the wedding planner and a beloved playable vault hunter from Borderlands 2. The Borderlands 3 subreddit is already descending into fits of memes at her return, although some are lamenting that Krieg has yet to make an appearance.

Also, all the content of Guns, Love, and Tentacles will scale to the player’s level, meaning you can make a totally new character, skip all the opening stuff, and head straight into the DLC. All the monsters and loot will scale so the player is “suitably challenged and rewarded while saving the day.”

And of course, there will be new Legendary items, vault hunter heads, sins, room decorations, and more.

Some folks are a little upset that Borderlands 3 is devoting an entire DLC to a gay wedding. To them we say: get over it. Love is love.

Besides the DLC, vault hunters will have lots to look forward to this Spring in Borderlands 3. April will bring Mayhem 2.0, a long-awaited overhaul of Borderlands 3‘s end-game, along with a new temporary event called Revenge of the Cartels. MAy will bring yet another event called the Guardian Takedown which will pit players against new Eridian-themed bosses that drop unique gear and cosmetics.

And for everyone who just couldn’t bear to buy the game on the Epic Games Store, good news! Borderlands 3 returns to Steam on March 13. Pricing and Season Pass has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll surely find out in the next 12 days.

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