Breath Of The Wild: Master Of The Wind Shrine Quest Walkthrough

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In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, completing Shrines and their puzzles is the way you earn more health and stamina. This is an essential task if you want to have any chance of beating Ganon!

However, some of these puzzles are far harder than others. The Master of the Wind quest, which gives you access to the Shai Yoto Shrine, is particularly tough. In this article, we clearly detail everything that you need to know in order to finish it without breaking a sweat.

Where To Aquire The Master Of The Wind Quest

To get this quest, you need to go talk to Kass in the Horon Lagoon. It's east of Hyrule Castle and southeast of Zora's Domain.

On the maps above, the general area is marked by a circle and Kas' precise location is marked by a star.

The quest is obtained right beside the area where the quest is completed, so you're in luck if you want to finish it right away!

How To Complete The Master Of The Wind Quest

Blowing Up Rocks

To complete this quest, you need to blow up some breakable rock piles with Remote Bombs or Bomb Arrows. The intention is for you to glide through the wind tunnels that start at Kass and then are opened up by you when you break the rocks. However, if you just go to the top of the large rock formation at the spot marked on the map above, you'll be able to hit all three rock piles.

There are a total of three breakable rockpiles you'll need to blow up, pictured above. Each time you destroy one, the camera will pull out for a moment to show the wind blowing, so you'll know you've done it.

  1. You can find the rockpile on the left by looking for the circle of stones in the water – if you toss a rock into the circle, a Korok appears and gives you a Korok Seed. The first rockpile is just to the right of that circle of stones.
  2. The rock pile depicted in the centre is half blown up in the image, but you can see it's just below the rock that you're standing on. Just roll a bomb off the side of the cliff, into the wind going towards that pile, and it will carry the bomb to the rocks and blow them up.
  3. The rockpile on the right is opposite where the first rockpile was. It's a little further away, so use a bomb arrow to blow it up!

Reaching The Shrine Platform

When all of the rocks are destroyed, you'll see a brief cutscene in which the Shrine platform lights up. Go to the highest point of the rock you can find and jump! Glide with the wind and let it carry you to over. Drop out of the wind and land on the platform to discover the Shai Yota Shrine! There's no puzzle inside, so just head in and collect your reward.

Rewards For Completing The Master Of The Wind Quest

Inside the Shrine, there's a treasure chest and a monk. You'll receive…

  • Great Flameblade
  • Spirit Orb

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