Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Jumps On Over To Steam Soon

During a far too quick segment of Square Enix Presents that went over a couple of Taito mobile ports, Square Enix revealed that Bubble Bobble 4 Friends will be making the jump on over to Steam soon. In a trailer that claims the Steam store page is live (it currently isn’t as of the time of writing), we don’t really get a lot of new information about what this belated port will bring. Online multiplayer would be really appreciated, but last year’s PS4 port didn’t bring that. This version likely won’t, either.

At least online leaderboard support is included. You can also play the original arcade version of Bubble Bobble with a friend. This Steam port isn’t dropping local co-op, which is surprisingly common with a lot of PC ports. To that effect, Bubble Bobble 4 Friends includes four-player multiplayer, hence the 4.

What will ultimately determine the value of his PC version is its price. When Bubble Bobble 4 Friends originally launched on Nintendo Switch in early 2020 -late 2019 in Europe-, it retailed for $40. That is an insane price to ask for a title with very little content. Bubble Bobble is simple, sure, but you can’t expect players to drop near full price for what should be a $15 download.

I imagine that Square Enix has learned that and won’t be pricing this late port more than $20. If so, then Bubble Bobble 4 Friends would make for an easy recommendation should you have buddies you can visit. The lack of online multiplayer is certainly puzzling, but I’ll take a local multiplayer mode in lieu of lousy netcode any day.

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