Bugsnax: How To Catch Mothza Supreme

Hidden within the Bugsnax sidequests are a series of pseudo-boss fights against some one-of-a-kind superbugs. The only way to add these bugsnax to your collection is by completing quest chains for specific characters. If you’re facing off against the Mothza Supreme in Sizzlin’ Sands, or if you simply need to know how to find it, here’s our Mothza Supreme walkthrough.

Cromdo Does Crime

Mothza Supreme is the final step of Cromdo’s sidequest line. After meeting Cromdo in Scorched Gorge and convincing him to come back to Snaxburg, there will be a new quest line available called Cromdo Does Crime.

Cromdo will first ask you to catch a buffalocust. Buffalocust can be found Sizzlin’ Sands are a bit complicated to catch. First, you need to extinguish its flame. Lead the buffalocust towards the water in the center of the biome using a trail of ranch dressing of hot sauce. When it gets close enough to the edge of the water, shoot it with some sauce. The sodie d in the water will spray it and the flame will go out. Next, use more ranch or hot sauce to lead it towards a nearby spuddy. Once close enough, the spuddy will attack the buffalocust, stunning it and making it an easy capture with the trap.

The next part is quite simple. All you need to do is go to Wambus and Triffany’s house at night, go upstairs, and steal Triffany’s map. Their house is the one closest to the garden, but if you can’t find it you should see Triffany and Wambus sleeping in the bed if it’s night time. The map can be found upstairs on the table. Grab it and bring it back to Cromdo.

Catching The Mothza Supreme

Follow Crombo to Sizzlin’ Sands and then up to the top of the pyramid. Cromdo will hit a button and the center of the pyramid will open up, revealing a platform. Head back down the pyramid where the giant pizza cutters have appeared and use your snakgrappler to pull on the little green triangle to activate the cutter and bust open the casket, revealing a bombino.

Carry the bombino to the top of the pyramid and throw it at the center to bust it open. Next, place your lunchpad on the pedestal to summon the Mothza Supreme. Before running back down the pyramid, aim the lunchpad at the Mothza Supreme to lock-on.

The Mothza will start flying counter-clockwise in a circle, stopping briefly above each of the pizza cutters to create tornados. Stand away from a bombino with a tornado between you to bait the bombino into the gust and send it flying. When it lands, it won’t be on fire anymore and you can pick it up and bring it to the lunchpad.

Wait for the Mothza Supreme to pause for a moment right above one of the pizza cutters, then launch the bombino at it. The bombino will explode and knock the Mothza out of the air. Next, run down to it quickly and activate the pizza cutter with your snakgrappler to damage the Mothza. Repeat this process once more.

After two attacks, the Mothza will start creating one big tornado under each pizza cutter. All you need to do is aim the lunch pad at the pizza cutter instead of the Mothza. You’ll know you’re aiming at the correct spot when the targeting line turns blue and locks onto the pizza cutter.

By aiming a bit lower, you’ll be able to launch the bombino towards the Mothza and hit it from underneath. Alternatively, you can stand under next to the tornado and throw the bombinos into it, but this is much trickier.

When the Mothza falls to the ground simply use your snakgrappler to attack it with the pizza cutters two more times and he will shrink, allowing it to be caught with your net. Feed the Mothza Supreme to Cromdo and you’re done!

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