Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta has references to loot boxes & black market

This year’s Cold War looks like it might be bringing back reserve crates and the black market in-game store, according to the ongoing beta.

One of the worst things to come out of this generation is the concept of loot boxes and one of the best things is that most publishers, even Activision, seem to be giving up on them… or perhaps not if the Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta is anything to go by.

The Cold War beta started on Thursday evening and players have already found semi-hidden references to what sounds very much like loot boxes, with options to ‘Purchase Crate’ and ‘Crate Bundle’.

There’s also reference to the black market in-game store, which hasn’t been a part of Modern Warfare or Warzone but which looks like it might be making a comeback for the new Black Ops.

The references were discovered by fans in the beta’s Message of the Day and can be seen if you plug in a mouse and keyboard on the PlayStation 4.

That could mean they’re a bug of some sort – perhaps leftover code from a previous game – but given Activision’s history and that ‘reserve crates’ were a thing in Black Ops 4 it’s hard to say.

In Black Ops 4 they, and reserve cases, could be bought with either in-game currency or by using real money. It’s possible the real money option may be taken out but, well… what do you think?

It would be a shame if loot boxes were making a comeback as they were removed for last year’s Modern Warfare and Warzone in favour of having a battle pass and a store you could buy cosmetics from without having to rely on random luck to get what you want.

Perhaps the truth of it will be revealed by the end of the beta but either way we’ll know when the game is released on 13 November for both current and next gen formats (the Xbox Series X/S will be out by then but the PlayStation 5 not until the 19th in Europe).

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