Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Zombies Mode Finally Revealed In New Video

The wait is finally over. We now have the full story on what to expect from Black Ops Cold War’s upcoming zombies mode. Zombies are back, and this time, they’re… uh, well, they’re still basically a ravenous horde of undead bent on consuming the flesh of the living. But there’s a bunch of things getting updated in Black Ops Cold War that we should really go over.

First, the things that will remain the same. It’s still the same core gameplay of a four-player co-op mode against endless hordes of zombies. The Pack-A-Punch machine, Mystery Boxes, and Perk-A-Cola machines are all returning, but with a new ’80s aesthetic. The story still builds off the long-standing Zombies canon that Treyarch has been building since the very first Black Ops game way back in 2011, and there’s still a general wackiness to the whole thing that Zombies fans will find comforting.

Now for the stuff, starting with the story and characters. Grigori Weaver now heads up a CIA division called Requiem that has been tasked with tracking down a recently discovered WW2 bunker in Germany. Inside is a weird machine that nobody quite understands, but they know it’s definitely bad. Also, a rival Soviet division called Omega Group would love to get their hands on this machine to keep it away from the Americans. Ancient zombie Nazis aren’t enough to break that classic Cold War tension, so expect both sides to come to blows at various points in the story.

The new map is called “Die Maschine” (German for “The Machine”), and it will apparently have “more than a nod” to the original Zombies map of “Nacht der Untoten.” Just don’t expect things to still be the same after decades of decay.

Now the huge changes. Treyarch has unified progression across all modes in Black Ops Cold War, and that includes Zombies. Playing Zombies gives progression towards the Cold War Battle Pass, and whatever you unlock is usable across all modes. That means you get to start each Zombies game with the gun of your choice via the loadout support screen.

Characters now have Lethal, Tactical, and Support slots that can be used in combination with deadly effect. Zombies will also have full cross-play across generations, meaning you’ll be able to play with friends on the PS4 from the pumped-up graphics of your brand new Xbox Series X.

For more deets, check out the recent blog update. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War arrives on November 13.

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